Harbin: “Police Room on snow board” escort ice and snow economy

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A tourist expresses his gratitude to a police officer at the Yaxue branch of the Public Security Bureau in Harbin, capital of northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, Feb. 4, 2019.Benji taken since last winter, the Harbin city of heilongjiang province public security bureau in combination with the practical situation of ski area, relying on the “police room” on skis, broaden the patrol area, improving JieChuJing efficiency and rapid tourist disputes, carry out various kinds of winter protection work, further optimize the business environment, to provide quality services for tourists.In view of the characteristics of the winter environment, Harbin Public Security Bureau combined with the actual police work, focused on skiing skills training and emergency rescue drills, and carried out training on settling conflicts and disputes in ski resorts and rescuing injured tourists.In order to adapt to the ski resort environment, convenient and quick rescue, the bureau organized the scenic area police in batches of rest time to focus on skiing, English and other skills, in the way of skiing in the ski resort to carry out patrols, so as to quickly deal with emergency alarm, timely discovery of the need for rescue of tourists, and can communicate with foreign tourists.In view of the fact that tourists collide and dispute with ski resort operators when playing in the ski resort, the bureau set up police studios in the ski resort on the basis of car patrol, step patrol, ski patrol combined with the way to carry out work.Once tourists have disputes in the ski resort, the police can quickly ski to the scene, start the rapid mediation mechanism of conflicts and disputes, appease the tourists, and resolve conflicts and disputes on the spot.For the disputes that are difficult to resolve on the spot, they will be transferred to the quick mediation room set up in the scenic spot.In 2021, Harbin Public Security Bureau successfully mediated nearly 1,000 tourist disputes in scenic spots and rescued more than 10 injured tourists.Author: Feng Rui Shi Lei Source: China Police Network