New Era | Jiangning: Building a leading national innovative city core area

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On February 19, Jiangning District of Nanjing held the conference of building a leading national innovative city core area.”National new display technology innovation center vision health and sense of innovation platform” and “a city of southeast university, the future science and technology infrastructure security Mosaic” low carbon and wisdom of collaborative innovation between colleges and other major innovation carrier, the city’s first talent group was founded, a batch of major projects such as Peking University science park pioneer accelerator concentration.Jiangning district party committee, standing committee member and secretary of municipal party committee of nanjing Shen Jianrong said at the meeting, to adhere to the innovation in the core position in the global modernization construction, according to the provincial municipal committee of the latest deployment requirements, to build leading national innovative urban core, to speed up the construction of high level talents converging, make talents and innovation jiangning modernization the distinctive logo and the most lasting power.”The Information High-speed Railway Innovation Action Plan aims to build a new generation of information infrastructure independent technology system, the information high-speed Railway can be seen as a distributed super computer radiating across the country.”Zhang Zongshuai, assistant to the president of Nanjing Information High-speed Railway Research Institute, released the innovation results of comprehensive measurement and commissioning system of information high-speed railway at the meeting. It is expected that “Nanjing Information high-speed Railway terminal +10 information high-speed railway stations” will be realized by 2025, forming a demonstration of a new generation of information infrastructure.Nanjing has proposed that it should focus on building a leading national innovative city, take the lead in technological and industrial innovation, and strive to build itself into an innovation capital with global competitiveness.Jiangning, as the only national major science and technology infrastructure and the location of the Nanjing platform layout of the National technology Innovation Center, constantly strengthens the original innovation source function, and acts as the main carrying area for Nanjing to strive for a comprehensive national science center and regional science and technology innovation center.In the list of Major projects in Jiangsu Province in 2022 released by Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently, Jiangning has 6 major industrial projects.The zone focuses on the “5+4+1” advanced manufacturing industry system, and focuses on supporting the construction of major scientific and technological innovation platforms and innovation carriers.To amplify the source effect, Jiangning is accelerating the construction of two core innovation platforms, Purple Mountain Science and Technology City and Kylin Science and Technology City.We will support the Purple Mountain Laboratory in carrying out forward-looking, basic research and major demonstration applications in areas such as the Future Network and 6G, so as to achieve more original breakthroughs from zero to one.We will accelerate the construction of the Kylin Science and Technology City as four major carriers of science and technology, including the information high-speed railway and open source software, and strive to build the kylin Science and Technology City into a carrier area for strategic forces.First mover advantage to build development momentum.Jiangning District has laid out future industrial clusters such as future network and third-generation semiconductor in advance, supported Jiangning Development Zone to build the Nanjing platform of national third-generation semiconductor technology innovation Center, and made efforts to seize the initiative and win the initiative in the new track, so as to build a “strategic reserve team” to win in the future.”We named IBC integrated intelligent braking system, the original product released this time, as’ Qingpan ‘, meaning that it is an intelligent chassis system with ‘excellent performance, safety and reliability, and ultimate driving experience’. According to the actual measurement, 8 indicators are better than competitors.”Dr. Zhang Jie, senior director of Zhongqi Chuangzhi Technology Co., LTD.The company, which settled in Jiangning for less than two years, will build “3 parks and 1 area” in Jiangsu software Park next, including intelligent chassis, green power, intelligent networked industrial park and new energy intelligent networked vehicle demonstration area.How to give better play to the main role of enterprise technology innovation, the emergence of more “Zhongqi Chuangzhi” “Nanrui” such phenomenon enterprises?Jiangning District proposes to build a flying geese of innovative enterprises with high-tech enterprises as the core and innovative start-ups as the two wings.We will guide leading enterprises to undertake science and technology projects, lead the formation of innovation consortiums, strive to overcome a number of bottlenecks, improve industrial innovation capacity, and build a backbone of innovation.To create innovative chain main enterprises.Jiangning district is promoting arrangement in cultivating innovation subject, through the implementation of innovative enterprise leading wild goose, high and new technology enterprises become small and mid-sized enterprise planning and bamboo shoots, support chain and head enterprises bigger and stronger, foster specialization, the new “little giant” enterprises and “hidden champions”, “difference” high and new technology enterprise break through 4000.”The introduction of a talent team, to bring an emerging industry.We have realized the strong interaction of ‘Academician Liu Yunjie + Future Network’ and ‘Academician Shen Guorong + smart grid’, forming a good situation of the integration of industry and talent.”Relevant person in charge of Jiangning district said that Jiangning will seize the opportunity of the province’s talent development modernization pilot area, and vigorously build high-level talent cluster area.With a focus on the “5+4+1” advanced manufacturing industrial system, we will release a list of talents in urgent need in competitive industries, carry out simultaneous efforts to attract investment and talent, and promote accurate alignment between industrial demand and talent supply.We will focus on new trends such as digital economy and double carbon economy, and recruit a group of leading talents who master cutting-edge core technologies.At the conference, a series of university-local cooperation and talent training projects, such as the Second phase of Nanjing University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Kylin Science and Innovation Park, signed contracts and settled down.Jiangning District firmly set up the concept of “talent is the first resource”, strengthen the introduction and education at the same time, strive to build the strongest strategic talent force.By developing and training strategic scientists and top scientific and technological talents, leading scientific and technological talents and innovation teams, young scientific and technological talents, engineers and other multi-level talent teams, jiangning will become a place where talents gather and career achievements.Xinhua Daily · intersection point reporter Qiu Huidong statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: