The best state of life: three down

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Article | up a rational book cure, hope you can in my words, to find a little for the comfort of life.Writer Sanmao said: “Life deliberately to look for things, often can not find.For everything under heaven comes and goes, there is a time.I think so.In many cases, the more persistent we are in some aspects, but it will only make us feel more annoyed. At these times, we might as well put down appropriately, put down the high requirements for ourselves, and recognize ourselves;Let go of high expectations and reduce disappointments in life;Let go of your prejudices and treat the people and things in your life with an objective attitude.You’ll find your life will be a lot easier.01. Let go of my high expectations and share one thing about myself with you.In the second half of last year, I set several flags for myself, among which the most representative ones are: read 30 books, have more than 100,000 fans online, continue to write more every day, etc.At first, I thought these goals were easy to achieve, after all, I was in the process of implementing everything.After about two months, I began to feel anxious. The reason was that I was still far from achieving my goals, which directly led to my low mood.I began to wonder if I was overestimating my abilities, and if I needed to lower my goals and refine them, so I did.Read thirty books instead of intensive reading twenty books, change the requirement of the total number of fans to eighty thousand, adjust the review rate to two days/three days a high-quality content.To be honest, after changing the original plan, I suddenly felt a lot more relaxed and no longer worried about the failure of the target or lack of time. In the end, I successfully completed every target and did many other meaningful things in my spare time.This is not to say that I do not have high requirements for myself, but because in the subsequent time, I realized that a person’s time and energy are limited, anything would rather slow than rush.And appropriately to lower their own requirements, in doing a good job in each of their ability to do things, then try to do outside the scope of things.Life is also the same, we can not always think about what they want to do, but should consider what they can do, do not cause themselves to fall into internal friction because of too high requirements for themselves, that is a pyrrhic thing.Sometimes I think that the goals we set are always easy to give up, largely because we fail to correctly set according to our own actual situation.(02) Let Go of High Expectations Matt Mudd once said, “I gradually understand why I am unhappy. It is because I always expect the same result.I believe that many people participate in some similar lottery activities, the psychological state is: I want to draw this;I’ll get what I want next time.I can’t live without…And so on.But the probability of these ideas being realized is low, and the sense of disappointment builds up and eventually causes us to give up on that desire.In the same way, when we have high hopes for people or things around us in life, the sense of lag often bounces back when it fails to materialize.We are better off when we let go of our high expectations.Let go of high expectations for our parents. What they can give us is always limited and everything still depends on our own efforts.Let go of the high expectations of the lover, perfect two words only exist in the assumption, mutual understanding and consideration will really long;Let go of high expectations for children. The influence of the family of origin is very important for the growth of children, and even affects the whole life.Let go of your high expectations for your friends. No one is obligated to help you all the time.The taste of life lies in focusing on the present, managing your life well, and moving towards your goals.03, let go of prejudice prejudice, in fact, for the relationship is a great influence.The character Elizabeth depicted in Jane Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice is a good example. Elizabeth, the character, is prejudiced against most people around her, because she will evaluate them with her own subjective opinion.Especially for Darcy, After being disturbed by other people’s opinions, Elizabeth always thought darcy was a selfish and arrogant person, unworthy of her acquaintance.Therefore, prejudice made her unable to treat Darcy rationally, and she even refused to admit that she had a good feeling for Darcy later.It was not until everything was explained that Elizabeth really realized that she had never really understood the other person, but knew him according to others. Her prejudice almost made her miss the love she longed for and miss a right person.Prejudice is enough to cloud one’s judgment and reason.In life, not only in relationships, we need to let go of our prejudices and learn to appreciate each other. We should let go of our prejudices and treat each person we meet.It’s like when you think someone is terrible, but you have to work with them, and you’re upset, and that’s prejudice. But if you’re willing to let go of that stereotype and engage with them, you’ll find that this person is not all bad, but also has a lot of good qualities.Let’s hope that we don’t let prejudice interfere with our judgment. Let’s hope that we don’t bring prejudice into love, ability, gender, color, but rather, we can look at it objectively.