The mainland suspended the import of Lithuanian beef, Germany xiaobian sentence, broke the bay bay glass heart

2022-05-01 0 By

China’s General Administration of Customs announced Thursday that it would stop customs declaration of Lithuanian beef imports.As the news spread to Taiwan, it was no surprise that the DPP authorities began to reflexive.Taiwan will “continue to take concrete actions to support Lithuania to tide over difficulties,” ou Jiang-an, spokesman for Taiwan’s foreign affairs Ministry, said Wednesday.That action, of course, is buying beef.Qifei has never eaten Lithuanian beef before, so she doesn’t know if it tastes good, but Taiwan netizens have already jumped out.Some Taiwan netizens joked: “There is a batch of beef floating in the sea”, “everyone wants to stomach to eat beef”;Some Taiwanese netizens, thinking of the rum they just bought, could not help scolding them: “How about adding democratic beef after ‘democratic rum’?” and “How about raising the price five times and selling it to Taiwan?”It doesn’t matter to the DPP if the Taiwanese just curse behind closed doors. Anyway, when you finish scolding, you still vote for me.However, the German media xiaobian a post, but let the DPP authorities a little uneasy.What’s going on here?When its Facebook fans reposted the news that The Chinese mainland had suspended Lithuanian beef imports, the Chinese edition of Deutsche Welle wrote in the post, “Could you consider selling it to Taiwan and eating it with rum?”The post caused a heated discussion on Taiwan’s PTT gossip board. Some people thought it was sour on Taiwan, while others suspected that Deutsche Welle was pro-China.It is nonsense to say that Deutsche Welle is pro-China. Funded by the German government, it does report more on China, especially cross-strait issues, but it has been labeled as “anti-China” and “anti-Communist”, and even fired four Chinese journalists.As for sour Taiwan, Qi Fei agrees.They have swallowed pork and nuclear food and bought rum five times more expensive. Where in the world can they find such a “hero”?No acid you acid who ah!Lost face to the international, or by foreign small make up punctured “the emperor’s new clothes”, Taiwan netizens glass heartbroken.Thanks to the DPP, the whole world now knows That Taiwan is a garbage collector.The netizen’s self-deprecation was only half right.Taiwan as an internationally famous garbage recycling station, not now, but along the way.Among other things, Taiwan has spent trillions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money to buy so many military aircraft that americans have eliminated, and then crashed them every once in a while. Compared to that, a few bottles of wine and pieces of beef can only lead to a bad stomach, which is nothing to worry about.In the future, the struggle between the international anti-China forces and mainland China will continue. If Taiwan firmly follows the United States and Japan as a junior brother, there will be many opportunities for Taiwan to eat garbage, poison and even bombs.Taiwan netizens might as well exercise their stomach and heart endurance, and strive for invulnerability, poison invulnerability.