Wang Yi once again donated precious materials to the Sichuan Provincial Chronicle Museum

2022-05-01 0 By

On the afternoon of February 10, 2022, wang Yi, former deputy inspector of the Provincial Local Chronicle Office, donated precious materials to the Sichuan Provincial Chronicle Office at the provincial local chronicle Office.This is another donation after Wang Yi donated more than 600 books to the Sichuan Provincial Chronicles Museum in September 2015.Deng Yu, party secretary of provincial local records Office, attended the donation ceremony and received the donation.More than 60 kinds of books, local Chronicles exchange materials and local Chronicles materials were donated.Among them, 14 books, including 13 collections of Sichuan Cultural and historical Materials from 1960s to 1980s and 1 collection of Chengdu Cultural and historical Materials (the 40th Anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War);The exchange of local Chronicles between Taiwan and Taiwan includes 21 letters with Lin Wan-chuan, director and researcher of Taipei City Literature Committee, and Lin Shu-juan, director of Kaohsiung City Literature Committee;Visited Taipei City Literature Committee and Kaohsiung City Literature Committee, and exchanged 7 photos of “Local Records of China” with Mr. Yu Mu-ming, chairman of Taiwan New Party;Worker’s song chorography data includes the revision of audio and video products, the first county annals, compiled by the foreigners in guanghan county annals slightly photocopy, 1983 rong county county annals compilation committee on compiling “rong county annals” collect information announcement, on July 1, 1981, the China association of local Chronicles the founding conference and the first local annals academic seminar invitation materials including 16 species.Deng yu expressed her heartfelt thanks to Wang Yi for his donation, and hoped that under the leadership of Wang Yi, more local chronicle workers and people in society would donate various manuscripts, documents, pictures and other precious materials to the Sichuan Provincial Chronicle Museum, which would issue a collection certificate to the donors.