Wang Yiqu: We will do a good job in the supervision of narcotic drugs and precursor chemicals before the Spring Festival

2022-05-01 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to do a solid job in production safety before the Spring Festival, we should earnestly implement various measures to prevent risks, protect stability and ensure safety, further strengthen the fine management of precursor chemicals, and prevent precursor chemicals from entering the society through illegal channels.Tongchuan Wangyi District narcotics control office in the “four implementation” efforts to do a good job of narcotic drugs and easy to produce chemicals supervision.To carry out the supervision responsibility wang yi district JinDuWei attaches great importance to the pure hemp drugs and precursor chemicals regulatory work, in strict accordance with the “regulations on the administration of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs” “regulations on the administration of precursor chemicals and relevant laws and regulations requirements, a special meeting, focus on the key link, issued by the relevant working plan formulation, implement the responsibility division of labor, compaction job responsibilities,We will ensure that our work is concrete and effective.At the same time, the relevant units according to the work requirements and responsibilities, formulate plans, carry out supervision and inspection work from time to time.To carry out the internal management of the examination for five precursor chemicals within their respective jurisdictions use companies, hospitals and other places, key check whether pure hemp drug procurement approval rules, “college” management whether accord with the requirement of laws and regulations, whether prescription written specifications, whether to have ultra dose, using pure hemp drug, allowance is registered,Check whether the balance amount of the transfer of narcotic drugs is consistent with the physical substance, whether the expired drugs are registered and destroyed, and whether the security and anti-theft facilities and equipment are in good condition.So far, no narcotic drugs have been found to have passed into illegal channels.Implementation of joint law enforcement district Narcotics control office joint Wang Yi Public Security sub-bureau, district market supervision bureau to carry out joint law enforcement inspection, to ensure that the inspection strength is not lax, for the problems found in the supervision and inspection, ordered it must seriously implement the rectification in place, and the rectification of the situation on the spot review, to ensure the effectiveness of inspection.To carry out the publicity and education combined with the daily supervision and inspection, actively promote the harm, called on everyone to actively participate in drug resistance, and make the relevant personnel, the knowledge, know the law, consciously strictly abide by the countries about drugs and precursor chemicals, special drugs and narcotics control work related policies and regulations, enlarge the coverage and the awareness of anti-drug publicity, builds the good anti-drug social atmosphere.Through this activity, it further standardized the supervision order of precursor chemicals and refined narcotics within the jurisdiction, enhanced the awareness and responsibility of drug control of enterprises and drug management units, and created a peaceful and stable New Year environment for the people of our district.Author: Wei Jie