At a roadside stall in rural Guangxi, a bowl of white porridge with dozens of dishes fills you with disbelief

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Guangxi is like a silent jade on the territory of Our country, with green mountains and clear waters and outstanding people, but it has always been very low-key.But that doesn’t mean guangxi doesn’t have something to offer. On the contrary, the food here has its own characteristics and is much cheaper than in first-tier cities.On the sparsely populated outskirts of Yulin, guangxi province, there are many long-standing markets, some of them spontaneous and others supported, but all of them have a lot of treasures to discover.For example, today we talk about this roadside stall. Although it is not a serious facade, it is no less popular than a big restaurant.The size of each stall in the market is relatively limited. In order to save space to the greatest extent, the boss uses long tables to form a square, which is the “kitchen”. The tables on both sides are used to set the table for various food materials, bowls and chopsticks, etc., and on the other side is the independent table, where individual guests usually eat directly.The other side of the opening, put a few tables and chairs, a few people can take food here to eat.The receipt code is placed on the table, and the boss is busy in the kitchen.Although the conditions are limited, I can see that the restaurant is very popular, especially at breakfast, there are no seats.This shop sells mainly white porridge and various side dishes, white porridge 5 yuan a bowl, all the side dishes are ready to eat, so it is equivalent to 5 yuan to eat a buffet.Each kind of side dish is installed in a plate, line up, along the direction of the table flag placed in the middle of the table, at a glance, you can add what you want to eat.There are not only fried peas and peanuts as snacks, but also mustard, fermented beans, sauerkraut, melon, green beans, soybean sprouts, dried radish, bamboo shoots and so on. Many others even can not be named. It seems that there are some wild vegetables, which look green and fresh.The long table was two rows long, full of popular hors d ‘oeuvres, each worthy of a meal on its own.Despite the cheap price, every dish is carefully prepared and the taste is authentic enough that even locals give thumbs up.This kind of street stall can surprise you sometimes, although there is no meat dish, but it is light and comfortable to eat.Those who come here are ordinary people, who have developed the habit of frugality and do not waste money.There are many stalls like this around, so it seems that such a cheap buffet is not a rare thing in the local area.Many people who come here for the first time can’t believe how cheap it is. Of course, some people feel that the environment is too bad to eat. Do you like such roadside stalls?