Breathtaking!The snow shovel rolled eight meters down the slope of the driver trapped, wu Xue fire emergency rescue

2022-05-02 0 By

At 11:15 in the morning of February 7, Hubei Province Huanggang City Wuxiang city fire rescue brigade received a public alarm: located in Wuxiang City yanjiang Avenue near a forklift in the road to clear snow, accidentally rolled to the hillside, the driver trapped in the cab, the situation is very critical, request rescue.After receiving the police, Wo PI Tang Road fire rescue station immediately dispatched 2 cars 10 people rushed to the scene of emergency rescue.At 11:54, the fire department rushed to the scene in spite of the wind and snow for the first time after the investigation found: a forklift in the snow shovel road, accidentally rolled over to eight meters under the hillside, the forklift four wheels in the air, the driver trapped in the driving, the upper body was stuck unable to move, frozen purple face, shivering.The howling wind is blowing directly, and the snow is still flying all over the sky. The firefighters are not afraid of the cold to fix the overturned forklift first, so as to prevent the second rolling in the rescue process.Then, the fire personnel drilled under the wheel of the forklift using hydraulic dismantling tools, carefully to remove the forklift stuck in the debris near the driver, after 10 minutes of emergency rescue, the success will be trapped in the cab of the driver rescued, handed over waiting in the side of the ambulance for treatment.According to the insider told that because of the sudden drop last night night snow, road snow thicker, traffic conditions, traffic jams, authorities were forklift shovel road snow, the driver in the process of operation because of the thick snow pits of can’t see the side of the road, accidentally forklift even one side back to eight meters hillside, driver was trapped in the cab, glad that fire rescue in time,Other than minor injuries, he’s all right.The fire department reminds: due to the influence of the warm and wet air in the southwest and the weak cold air in the north, there has been a large area of rain, snow and freezing weather in Hubei recently, and some remote mountainous areas even heavy snowfall, which is rare in the past years.Hope that the majority of drivers in the snow shovel road to control the speed, do not start or brake on the icy road, so as not to skid out of control tires, and pay attention to the roadside snow covered pits, to avoid traffic accidents.Correspondent: Zhang Chensheng, Xu Puqi, Zhou Quan