Does electricity have weight?

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Electricity has no weight.Electricity is the physical phenomenon caused by static or moving charges.In real life, the mechanism of electricity gives the well-known effects of lightning, triboelectricity, electrostatic induction, electromagnetic induction and so on.The power of a circuit is the power transmitted per unit of circuit time.Just like mechanical work, electricity is the rate of work.Using the international unit system, the power unit is watts (W).If the circuit transmits 1 joule per second, the power is 1 watt.In a dc circuit, the power of a component is multiplied by the voltage at both ends of the component.If the current is 1 ampere and the voltage is 1 volt, the power is 1 watt.In an AC circuit, current and voltage vary with time.The instantaneous power of a component is the power absorbed by the component at a given time, multiplied by the instantaneous current flowing through the component by the instantaneous voltage at both ends of the component.Since instantaneous power also varies over time, it is difficult to actually measure it.Average power is easier to measure;This is the average of the instantaneous power passing through the AC cycle and is equivalent to the product of the apparent power and the power factor.