How to maintain the plant so that it can flourish

2022-05-02 0 By

Evergreen greenwood, want to let it more branches, must be in greenwood seedlings 10∽ L5 cm high pick heart, promote branch.Green luo pick heart to promote more branches need to be in loose fertile, well-drained soil growth, available garden soil, leaf rot soil, river sand mixed nutrient soil.Soil planted or hydroponic green luo, should be in the plant seedling period began to pick heart, promote green Luo bifurcation branch, until bifurcation branch long after very beautiful!If you want to grow the plant full of pot, long branches, the spring and autumn growth period to keep the soil moist, hot summer watering and sprinkling, cooling to maintain air humidity, winter water control, temperature can be maintained in 10 degrees above normal growth.During the growth period, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and water fertilizer are applied to promote the vigorous growth of the plant, and the leaves are green and bright, while maintaining the fluidity of the air, as well as the irradiation of scattered light, otherwise it is too dark, the green plants will be left alone, and the branches and leaves are small and not shiny.