Make things worse!Japan wants to borrow the goat to create diaoyu Island “ecological crisis”, I coast police strong drive away

2022-05-02 0 By

Japan can’t die of ambition and has been trying to cause trouble. On Spring Festival Eve of 2022, Japan is going to make trouble!When we were celebrating family reunion, a group of people, led by Mayor Takasho Nakayama of Ishigaki City in Japan, sailed to Diaoyu Island to make trouble.The excuse turned out to be: “The goats on the island have seriously damaged the island’s ecosystem, and the goats cannot be accurately observed by satellite, so it is necessary for personnel to immediately land on the island for environmental investigation.”Let the goat crisis on the Diaoyu Islands exposed, it is clear that Japan wants to use the goat to create an “ecological crisis” on the Diaoyu Islands.Wangxingmaru also let people find that Japan is really lost face, trying to create lies, artificially created trouble, then Japan find a new excuse?Yes, just to make excuses, then there must be excuses, this time using the so-called goat problem.There are goats on the island now, but there are no goats on the island.In the 1970s, the Japanese right-wing civic group “Japan Youth Association”, one of the three yakuza in Japan, was brought up from Yonaguni Island.Now, after decades of development, there are believed to be thousands of goats. Nakayama said, “Goat feeding damage is developing on the island.” Japanese media also said, “Japan needs to take immediate action,” adding, “Unless measures are taken, the ecosystem cannot be protected.”Perhaps in the eyes of the Japanese, the Spring Festival period, for us to relax vigilance, on the Eve of the Japanese Coast guard eight warships, covering the mayor of Ishigaki city and other right-wing people aboard Japan tokai University’s large Marine survey ship, The Maru, in an attempt to land on the Diaoyu Islands.The wrong calculation, when they intruded into the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands, I met the coast police strong drive away.China coast guard to the original Japanese coast guard ships to escort hope star maru do things, in the face of provocation, several Chinese coastguard ship ready already, according to Japanese media reports and the video shooting, can clear phenomenon, for me and coastal strong Japanese warships, stern warning not only, still have to start from.We must be prepared for danger in times of peace, Japan will not give up ambition, today said that can not accurately observe the number of goats, to send people on the island, next time to a lost a goat, send troops on the island search!”Originally, both sides agreed not to land on the islands. If the Japanese “dared to land on the islands first”, they would either die or attempt to provoke a war.Maybe we should consider the development of the local area, it would be great as a tourist holiday and worth researching!If you look back, since the beginning of this century, we are more and more active, the national strength of the coast police warships more and more large, more and more convenient action.Now, Chinese coast guard vessels can intercept and drive people away anytime and anywhere, and the Japanese will no longer be able to make trouble at random.At present, Chinese coast guard ships are on duty there every day. This time, Japan is not convinced by the expulsion and has to complain about it, which also shows that Japan can no longer prevent us from patrolling the Diaoyu Islands on a regular basis. Sooner or later, we will squeeze out Japanese forces.