Photovoltaic power generation of cold rolled plate industry of Xintian Steel will exceed 9.55 million KWH in 2021

2022-05-02 0 By

The reporter learned from tianjin Port free Trade Zone enterprise Xintian Steel Dematerial Technology Group, the group’s cold rolling sheet industry company located in Dagang Economic and Technological Development Zone is constantly accelerating low-carbon green transformation, promoting high-quality and efficient development.In 2021, photovoltaic power generation will reach 9.556 million KWH, saving electricity bills by 2.13 million yuan.Elimination of old equipment to save energy costs of more than 3 million yuan “The enterprise to transform the compressed air system, eliminate old boilers, new heat source machine, eliminate backward mechanical and electrical equipment, saving energy costs of more than 3 million yuan.Through the installation of waste heat recovery device, the waste gas waste heat generated by the galvanizing production line is fully recovered, generating 40.67 million tons of steam, saving the cost of outsourced steam more than 800,000 yuan.”The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said that while implementing energy-saving technology transformation, the enterprise also actively develops circular economy.Vigorously promote process technology optimization, reduce resource consumption and increase resource productivity.Aiming at the problems of large coiling, low yield and much scrap production caused by the long distance between coiler and roll in rolling mill process, the yield was increased by 3% by implementing the scheme of two-end welding.Hydrochloric acid recovery and utilization technology is used to recycle the waste acid after treatment to achieve no waste acid discharge and reduce the consumption of hydrochloric acid.In 2021, the company’s new water consumption per ton of steel and water reuse rate are 0.51 cubic meters and 97.7% respectively, reaching the leading level in the industry.Aim at market demand to develop high value-added products in addition, the reporter also learned that the enterprise actively develop low-carbon green products.Aiming at market demand, focusing on the key iron and steel materials supporting the development of advanced manufacturing industry, the company has deeply implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, developed and produced low carbon, green and high value-added products — zinc, aluminum and magnesium products, filling the gap in the market of this product in Tianjin.The products were favored by customers as soon as they were launched, and orders rose month by month. Last year, we produced nearly 100,000 tons of zinc, aluminum and magnesium products, some of which were exported to Japan and South Korea, creating an output value of nearly 600 million yuan.It is reported that the corrosion resistance of zinc-aluminum-magnesium steel plate is 10-20 times that of ordinary galvanized plate, and the service life of components made with this steel plate is more than 30 years.Because of its super corrosion resistance and good processing, welding, coating performance, widely used in civil construction, photovoltaic supports, agricultural livestock, power communication, railway, automobile motor, industrial refrigeration and other industries, the use of a wide range of fields, become the market “new favorite”.Due to strong product research and development capabilities, in 2021, cold Rolling Plate Industry Company was rated as “specialized and special new” seed enterprise in Tianjin.In the future, the cold rolled sheet Industry Company will further promote high-quality development and high-level protection, build a low-carbon green cycle development enterprise, help achieve the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutral”, and contribute to the green development of Binhai New Area.Source: Bincheng Times