Rihanna is officially pregnant!I didn’t expect the baby to come before the new album.

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Rihanna is officially pregnant!Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, chatted and laughed as they walked in the snow in New York yesterday.Originally, paparazzi just planned to shoot some material casually to cope with KPI.Unexpectedly, Rihanna looked at the camera and showed her belly.A$AP Rocky kisses his girlfriend on the forehead, adding A little more sweetness to the publicity.Internet users around the world exploded with the news.Despite the language barrier, the mood was very similar: happy and sad.As we all know, Rihanna has a new Schrodinger album, R9, that she’s been talking about for years, but it just doesn’t happen.Now that the baby is coming, R9 should be getting further and further away…I didn’t expect the baby to come before the new album…When the desperate net friends, have to comfort themselves to play a meme: “children a month on the banquet broadcast R9.””Baby’s first words: Mom, when are you going to release your new album?If I had to, naming the baby R9 wasn’t out of line.Getting back to the pregnancy topic, it was only two months ago that Rihanna denied rumors that she was pregnant.At the time, it was widely rumored that Rihanna was going to be a mother.When the fan asked for confirmation, he was met with an equivocal reply: “Hahaha enough, you get me pregnant once a year”.So, this leak was treated as an own mistake…Now suddenly the official announcement, is really hit a net friend unprepared.When Rihanna’s relationship with A$AP Rocky first came to light, there were as many controversies as blessings.Part of it is heartbreak.Rapper Lil Uzi Vert, for example, dismissed Rihanna as a goddess because he couldn’t accept the fact.Before that, Rihanna was his only focus.The other part is feeling undeserving.In fact, to say not worthy, but not so much.A$AP Rocky is well known in the rap world, having been nominated for two Grammy awards and modeling for many international brands.His own commercial value is not low, there is no rub girlfriend heat this said.However, the chaos on the Internet did not affect them.Two years on, the couple shows no sign of breaking up, but is getting sweeter and sweeter.In insider parlance, “madly in love”.Sweet kissing, holding hands in the street, dog killing power 10 “pinching the face”, these are common things.Word on the street is that the paparazzi who follow Rihanna have a very strong psychological defense mechanism.They couldn’t take their eyes off each other, even in a crowded, noisy bar.Two people like Siamese twins, always want to stick together.Even a weak single wang can’t stand this kind of beating. No matter how intimate the behavior is, it is also a private matter, but it seems that the person involved is not satisfied with this.In May, A$AP Rocky spoke to the magazine about his love.At the mention of Rihanna’s name, he snapped up, affectionately calling her “the one” and “the love of my life.”When asked what it’s like to be in A relationship, A$AP Rocky responds with tenderness and love.”She alone is better than a million others.”They are madly and seriously in love, even confessing to their friends that this love is different than any other, and they feel that each other is their life partner.Unsurprisingly, the two were friends for a decade before falling in love.At the 2012 MTA Awards, Rihanna performed with A$AP Rocky, and sparks flew.When the audience shouted “Together,” they just laughed and said, “We are good friends.”And then you asked me to be a guest, and I asked you to be in a video.Rihanna is the first to offer her condolences on the death of A$AP Rocky’s father.A$AP Rocky helped rihanna promote her startup.Boy, this looks like the American version of I Might Not Love You.But according to A friend, A$AP Rocky had A crush on Rihanna in the first place.”He was always the one trying to flirt.But Rihanna would block her advances and keep him in the ‘friend zone.'”Now it is a belated “two-way rush”!To be honest, they’re in an enviable position to be both lovers and best friends.As A musician, Rihanna has provided A$AP Rocky with many inspirations and ideas.A$AP Rocky always gets rihanna’s ideas and works with her to make them happen.Unable to travel abroad due to the pandemic, he and Rihanna went on a road trip that took them halfway across the country in an rv.The story of good friends getting married is always so sweet.Others say the missed decade was a pity.But perhaps it is because of years of getting along and careful thinking that this relationship seems more valuable.Not everyone can walk around and realize they’re with the right person.In an interview last May, A$AP Rocky said he was looking forward to becoming A father.”I think I’d make a great father and my baby would be cool.”Well, I guess I got what I wanted.Well, good luck to A$AP Rocky and Rihanna for unlocking their new identities soon.When a family of three is happy and happy in the future, please do not forget that there are people waiting for R9.Photo source/network article, editor/enthusiastic citizen Xiao Wang responsible editor/honey care about me, updated every day at home and abroad entertainment interesting information, take you to see the world