Watergate Bridge: Why did the UN escape when volunteers bombed the bridge three times?

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Watergate Bridge for the United Nations, can pass is rebirth, can not pass is death!This time they crossed the Watergate bridge not forward, but backward, beaten back by the volunteers.Originally, they wanted to go to the west coast of Korea and mix with the large United Nations forces on the west coast in order to push them into the Yalu River on the Border between China and Korea.Push this far, they won the Korean War.When the volunteers learned of their move, they sent a regiment of 120,000 men to the east coast in advance to block the westward movement of the Americans and prevent them from mixing.One way or another, just beat them back.From where? And send the UN back to where it came from!So the UN army met the volunteers on the eastern front, and they couldn’t move at all.They had no choice but to retreat, and if they did not retreat they would be annihilated, and after they had passed the Watergate Bridge, they fell back on the shore of the east coast of Korea, where they had started.Here are all their modern weapons and all kinds of materials supplement, their weapons, personnel and materials are from Japan across the sea.So they had nothing to fear when they were on the shore, with all kinds of warships and airplanes.At that time, the only volunteer army was the army, and when the American army was at sea, there was no way for us to fight them.The Battle of Watergate Bridge was also the last battle of chosin Lake.Look at the map above, there is a place marked Jangjin Lake, nearby Yudam-ri, Deokdongryeong, Sinheung-ri, Hagaru-ri, Goto-ri, these places are heavily blocked by volunteers, the American retreat is through the pass, through these passes, through the Water gate bridge, they arrived at the destination of Jinheung-ri.In other words, crossing the Watergate Bridge is their rebirth.But the ninth Regiment of the volunteers was here, and three armies were closing in on them at every pass. How could they easily retreat?One of the two most important places for the United Nations to retreat was Hagaru-ri (pictured above), because it had their small airfield, which allowed them to resupply and evacuate the wounded by air.The other was the Watergate Bridge, which was the last American crossing, and there was only one bridge to cross.If the bridge is blown up, the Americans can’t get through, and they’re waiting for annihilation by the volunteers!Song Shi-ryun, commander of the ninth Corps, planned to attack Hagaru-ri by December 5 at the latest. At that time, there were only two American infantry platoon in hagaru-ri. If hagaru-ri was captured, the escape route of the United Nations forces at Yudam-ri, Deokdongryeong and Sinheung-ri above would be cut off.Now they are retreating down to Garu-ri.Of course, they were also followed by the volunteers of the twenty-seventh Army, for example, which pursued the Americans in the direction of Yudam-ni.However, on December 5, the day of the latest attack, there was no fighting at Hagaru-ri.The main attacking force, the 26th Army, was still 50-70 km away from Hagaru-ri.It’ll take them another day to get here.Because did not arrive in time, so, lost the best attack time.On December 5, tens of thousands of American soldiers retreated to Hagaru-ri, where they were concentrated with tanks and artillery. It was difficult to stop them again.2 The task of our volunteers is to capture the areas occupied by the U.S. forces in Hagaru-ri, Yudam-ri, and Deokdongryeong, and drive them back step by step.On the way back, stop them and kill them!Therefore, it takes time to attack each pass. The American army has aircraft and artillery cover, and our most powerful weapons are mortars, which are not of the same magnitude as them.The timing of the attack is difficult to control, which is not said except for weather reasons.So, error is inevitable.When the United Nations retired to Hagaru-ri, General Smith of the 1st American Marine Division made a decision to send to Japan for medical treatment all of the five thousand men who had been killed or wounded in the fighting during the last few days.The main function of the airport here is to transport the wounded.As a matter of fact, they just repaired the airfield. Volunteers came to bomb it several times, and the AMERICANS fought while they repaired it.But they had so much firepower, and so much of our army did not come, that in the end they used the airfield to take the wounded away.More than 5,000 wounded American soldiers were transported away, which means they have no baggage. It would take a lot of energy, manpower and material resources to take care of 5,000 wounded soldiers on the way back.So, for them, the removal of the wounded, so that they become more handy.After taking the wounded out of hagaru-ri, commander Smith of the 1st American Marine Division will leave with ten thousand troops, loaded with tanks, artillery, cars and planes, and pour into the next location, Goto-ri (pictured above).This is the last stop on the Watergate Bridge.Before they left, they blew up everything they had left behind, leaving nothing for the coming volunteers.However, they did not retreat fast, retreating only a few kilometers a day. The fire of the volunteers was too strong.On the night of December 6, the volunteer 26th Army finally reached the battlefield.Song Shi-lun gave them the task, is to block the retreat of the United Nations, Smith division sent a regiment, that is, the first division seven regiment, let them face the 26th Army.At the same time, a fifth regiment was sent to assist the seventh regiment in attacking the twenty-sixth volunteer Army.These two American regiments brought up the rear, while the rest of the army retreated toward Kothuri.The us troops left behind and the volunteers of the 26th Army they fought repeatedly, no one flinched, because this is a battle of life and death on both sides, later the US soldiers put them fighting this valley, called “fire purgatory valley”!The loss of life, of all kinds, is too brutal, we won’t go into it.As the battle continued until the afternoon of the 7th, the main forces of the 1st U.S. Marine Division withdrew to Goto-ri one after another.The mission of the American 7th and 5th regiments had been accomplished, and to bring them up behind would have been to sacrifice them for the rebirth of a large UNC force.From Hagaru-ri to Gudu-ri, it was a total of 18 kilometers, which enabled the mechanized troops of the United States army to travel for 38 hours at an average pace of 500 meters per hour.The Americans lost 661 men, or an average of 34 casualties per kilometer, on the 18-kilometer road.More than 10,000 American troops are still standing in this stronghold in Goto-ri, which means that their strength increases with each retreat.The same was true of the corresponding volunteers, who were, after all, coming upon their stronghold.They were coming from all directions.In other words, there was a volunteer presence all along the route.The 26th Army, however, was directly engaged and pursuing them, while the other volunteers had already been ambushed in ambush on the various heights along the road of the American retreat, but at each height the volunteers were in small numbers, in companies, in order to delay their advance.That is why the American forces have been slow to withdraw.But, at any rate, the volunteers did not cut the Americans off at Hagaru, and their only hope was at the Watergate Bridge.At the time, it seemed to the volunteers that American troops would die here.Because we blew up the bridge for him, and they have no way back.With no way to retreat and no supplies, and fewer men than we have, shouldn’t it be certain that they will die?5 Division Smith reached Koutto-ri and waited for the rest of the Americans to gather there. Then they all pushed back and crossed the Watergate Bridge. They were safe from the fear of annihilation.Is the Watergate bridge even passable?This was not easy, for the Watergate Bridge had already been bombed by volunteers just before Smith’s army arrived at The Ancient soil.On December 1st, the Watergate Bridge was bombed by our army for the first time!There were American troops here, too, and they were watching this last stronghold. The bridge had been blown up by volunteers, and they had to repair it to ensure the passage of the coming army.The volunteers did not think of the strong repair ability of the American army. In less than three days, they repaired the damaged bridge, this time a wooden bridge.The volunteers can only blow the bridge a second time.On December 4, under cover of darkness and under fire, the volunteers again approached their repaired wooden bridge, and again they blew it up.The Americans continued to repair, seeing that the wooden bridge was easy to blow up, this time they used steel to build the bridge.It seemed to them that this time the bridge would not be easy to blow up, and they had sent more men to guard it.They sent a tank team from a strong company here.It will be even harder for the volunteers to blow up the bridge again.When the volunteers saw the damaged bridge repaired again, they could only blow it up a third time.But now that they had no explosives, was it providence to let the Americans cross the bridge?6 The bridge was not damaged to a great extent during the previous two bombings because of the lack of explosives.With no explosives left, they had to report the situation to their superiors.After that, to support them is 80 division 240 regiment 3 battalion 7 company this 7 company, is fought countless times the steel 7 company, company commander called Jiang Qingyun!It must be noted that by the time they reached the Bridge, they had not eaten for two days and nights.The watergate bridge had to be blown up sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the more the Americans waited, the less likely it would be to blow up the bridge.On December 6, the 7th Company of Steel approached the Watergate Bridge under the cover of darkness in the face of the enemy’s fire. Knowing that the enemy’s fire was very intensive, they could only approach the Bridge by means of all directions.Is to attract fire in many ways!That is, most people are sacrificed, and if one or two lucky people get close enough to blow it up, their mission is done.This time all the people, has no concept of life and death, their only goal is to blow up the bridge, only blow up the bridge, in order to annihilate the enemy, only annihilate the enemy, in order to better defend the new China just established.The Watergate Bridge was blown up for the third time by seven companies of desperate attack.This explosion was much more serious than the previous two, blowing off the entire bridge, including the foundations.There was no way for the Americans to repair it. After all, the bridge was almost destroyed, and in the eyes of the volunteers, this time the Americans were doomed.In fact, when the bridge was blown up for the third time, Smith also arrived here. He saw that the only bridge was blown up, and he fell into despair.He sent a telegram to General MacArthur, the United Nations commander in chief, saying that the first Marine Division was ready to die, only to meet such a fate.MacArthur was also losing ground on the Western front, ignoring him.But Smith saw hope in the midst of despair, for they had come up with a brilliant idea.It was built in Japan with modern technology.It was all made of steel, and when it was built, the parts were flown from Japan to watergate Bridge, where they just installed them.In order to transport the main body of the bridge that was built in Japan, they actually sent two overweight transport planes from the United States, two overweight transport planes, to deliver the final parts of the bridge.At the same time, there are dozens of small planes, carrying other parts.The volunteers saw this, but it was not clear what they were doing, nor did they realize that their manufacturing capacity was so great that it was impossible for them to blow up the bridge after the Americans had assembled it.The bridge was impenetrable enough to blow up, and almost impossible to approach.Above all, the volunteers were no longer able to mount a powerful attack.We had no air force at all. At that time, we were fighting on the Gaema plateau, the coldest place in Korea. What we had to eat and drink, especially bullets and guns, could not be replenished at all.All kinds of supplies are in short supply, frozen potatoes are in short supply!After so many battles, the men were exhausted, and above all, there were not enough guns and ammunition, so there was no ability to organize a strong attack.In this case, you can only watch the Americans cross the Watergate Bridge.It took the first American Marine Division 77 hours to cross the Watergate Bridge from Gothuri to Zhenxingli, averaging two hours for every kilometer advanced. Eighty-one Americans were killed, 16 missing, and 250 wounded on this road.At 13:00 on December 11, the main force of the 1st Marine Division passed Zhenxing Li!That means they are completely safe!In fact, there is another reason why the US army retreated so smoothly, everyone knows the ice Company, why did they become the ice Company?And there are several ice sculptures of about 200 people in a company.Is because they arrived at a place early ambush good, in order to avoid the enemy’s aircraft reconnaissance, they did not dare to move, coupled with the cold weather, their thin clothes, so, frozen in place!The heights were protected by volunteers, but they were frozen into ice, and the Americans could no longer be held back. Their resistance was reduced.9 In any case, however, the failure of the United Nations forces to achieve their objective meant that they had lost strategically. They had intended to move from the eastern front of Korea to a mix of western and United Nations forces on the western front.However, the appearance of the ninth Volunteer Corps made this impossible.Or even, where they started, where they went back.So the ninth Corps did its job.