Yang Ying reveals her true character?Is Zhang Jiani jealous of kissing?Angela Chang hit the peak?

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Baby, show your true personality!I’ve got friends who are really good skiers, so I follow them up the hill and I fall and I push them down the hill!Speaking of this, they do not understand, if before learning to ski, push the slope every year, every year fall, has been in the face of difficulties and taste the success of the sweet head, what strength to support baby can insist to learn now?Baby’s words reveal the real reason why she got to where she is now. She says: “Because we can go to different mountains to see different scenery!”On the surface, this is an optimistic state of mind, and, in fact, a lot of successful people all have such spirit, is the first one dare to challenge, on this basis, to do anything just want to insist, but also to learn how to taking pains to find fun, can let oneself to grow faster, baby has done it.After finishing, she also analyzed the main reason of Yu Shuxin’s bad skiing: “There is no coach who can force her!”Baby wanted to be the coach. What she called “forcing” was a skillful force. Baby immediately suggested that she not practice on the small slope at first, but directly take Yu Shuxin up the mountain.”Let her have a look at the beautiful scenery on the top of the mountain. Let her be interested in skiing!”Everyone was impressed by Baby’s decision.In fact, we can see that Baby has her own way of doing things. She has a strong sense of goal and strong self-management ability, so it’s not unreasonable for her to get to where she is today. Sometimes, hard work is more important than method.When I see Zhang Jiani and Yang L’s kiss, I know I can’t sit still!Because Maiultra’s “jealous” image is so popular, before Zhang Jiani and the male coach can not look at him when skiing, so in Zhang Jiani’s new play she and Yang are with kiss for the first time, or the magnified lens proves that they are not borrowing and not doubles, people go to the maiultra social platform to leave a message.”I’m going to the b&B for a walk,” maichao replied quickly. On the other side, Zhang Jiani was chatting happily on the livestream.Net friends also join in the fun not too big, directly in zhang Jiani live comments area message advised her: “had better not have the kiss play”, did not find Zhang Jiani a little not guilty: “you are, buy brother sent to?”Voice just fell, someone left a message to remind her: “buy elder brother still in oh, pay attention to point”, this zhang Jiani panic, hurriedly cover the mouth, buy super also began to brush gifts to show their existence, two people this space interaction, but show a Bonn love.However, I have to admit that maichao’s participation has more or less affected the sense of intimacy between Zhang Jiani and the actors in the drama. People who are familiar with the couple will think of Maichao whenever they see Zhang Jiani kissing scenes. In fact, this is very bad for the actors to shape their roles.For the married female star to take the kissing drama this topic, in fact, Qin Hailu before the statement in the program: after marriage will not pick up, kiss the forehead is not good, she also felt that many times there is no need to shoot this kind of lens, can be expressed in another way, if it is not good, do not pick up.If the couple were both actors, they might understand each other about kissing, but Maichao is an outsider, and he has also expressed his jealousy. In this case, I think Zhang jiani should really consider her husband’s feelings more and take kisses less.After all, this shot, the audience is difficult to play, her husband is jealous, two losses in one fell swoop, Zhang Jiani naturally can not convince people of this role, this relationship, this actor should not be a success.Angela chang, do it when you have to!Many people have used “Bing Dwen Dwen” on social media, but Angela Chang’s special effect is the most special. After watching her video, everyone said: “Don’t shake, I’m cold!”In the video of Angela Chang, as a singer, she did not use the common background music, but sang a version by herself, and this version created a full sense of winter atmosphere.Angela Chang sang “I found that Bing Dwen Dwen out of a special effect”, while deliberately shaking the vocal cords, this sing, but to achieve a number of purposes: some netizens said that the song is too suitable for Bing Dwen dwen, the more listen to the colder;Another netizen said that the first two sentences gave her goose bumps;More people do not avoid to say, listen to a little urgent.The most important thing is that Angela chang showed her singing skills with two sentences. She also made the audience feel an ice block special effects directly, which was not done by others, making people feel the energy of music.Therefore, as a professional singer, the advantage lies in this. People who really know how to sing are not only able to sing well, but also need to sing impressively. Angela Chang has done this, which is probably the reason why she has been famous for so many years.During Angela Chang’s period, there were many female singers who were in the peak of their career, such as jolin Tsai and Ya-xuan Xiao, Wang Xinling and Rainie Yang, as well as Leong Jing Ru and Zhuo Wenxuan, who had a gentle style. However, it seems that only Angela Chang and Rainie Yang still maintain their popularity in professional field.The two singers have a common feature, their own style and a strong sense of substitution.It seems that the real strength of the singer, even if it is a small network red music dubbing, will let everyone see her out of the ordinary.