6pm!After the women’s football team advanced to the final, Shui Qingxia responded to wang Shuang’s injury, the fans were not calm

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February 4 – China’s women’s football team beat Japan 6-5 last night to advance to the final.Watched the game fans all know, the game of the women’s victory is not easy, because the power level, there is a gap between us and rivals, our women’s football is to get the final victory, in addition to coach outside for transfers-will, girls with strong will, a little give chewed off the hard stuff.After the women’s football team successfully advanced to the Asian Cup final, also received many official media and fans’ blessing, and in this afternoon, coach Shui Qingxia also gave an interview, talked about last night’s match and Wang Shuang’s injury for the first time.Women’s football coach ShuiQingXia in an interview with Shanghai media “five-star sports”, said against Japan, the player with the vigor, especially after 120 minutes of penalty win, but the victory at the same time, are well recognized and Japan, the gap between hope after the victory, we can have a direction of training.From shuiqingxia guidance this position, after the breathtaking victory over Japan into the final, she did not lie complacent on the achievements, but the first time to find the gap between the team, has begun to focus on the future training direction, have to say, ShuiQingxia guidance to work is really very conscientious, this attitude.In addition in yesterday’s game, women’s football absolute core Wang Shuang entered the list, but did not appear.After the start of the game, the fans thought it was a tactic of water guidance, but after the game they knew wang Shuang was really injured.For wang Shuang’s injury, the fans are also very concerned.Because win Japan, the women’s football three armed forces with their lives to fight down, the hard-won final is in front of wang Frost’s injury situation exactly how?Shui Qingxia also responded for the first time, she said: from the current injury, for yesterday’s play or have an impact, through the recovery of these days to see if the last game can play.After hearing the news, many fans are not calm, The Chinese women’s football team has taken the most crucial step, it is not clear whether the core of the team Wang Shuang can play in the finals, if it is really due to injury, it will be a pity for Wang Shuang and the women’s football team!But we do not have to worry, personally feel that shui Qingxia guidance is so said to have a purpose, that is to disturb the Platoon of The Korean team, is the so-called soldiers of cunning, also took Japan she actually used this move.Secondly, there was a scene before the match yesterday, wang Shuang looked relaxed and happy when stepping on the field training, which most likely shows that the injury is not serious.Besides, the match will be kicked off on February 6th, wang Shuang still has enough time to recover, looking forward to wang Shuang’s return, leading The Chinese women’s football team to the top of Asia with the strongest attack!