Big bin space design agency cow owners or owners are loving hardcore decoration services

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Color block, transition frame plump visual aesthetic texture,Multiple holds myriad boring project information to project name garden project area of 135 ㎡ | | core remit project type | hardcover renovation project copywriter planning | design | big bin space to fix or culture soft outfit brand | YangCang home owner said, “like big bin space design to hardcore decoration service from beginning to end, without any fool marketing,Super designer, on call to the construction site to take pains to run, extremely rich hard and soft decoration suppliers can choose, 24 hours standby project manager, is not the most perfect combination of decoration, everything you need, just in the bin here.”● All the predestination is actually just because of a simple association, and the acquaintance with Bin is just because of a friend recommended wechat business card, but everything is so natural, communication design, contract confirmation, delivery scheme, project construction, perfect delivery.● Thanks to Bin design space, thanks to the designer, to give this home a new everything.● The whole decoration process encountered any problems, are the first time to reply, coordination and perfect solution, again and again to view the site, to ensure that there is no rework place.● From material selection to soft outfit, all suppliers are with me to select and communicate, and can find the most suitable product for me in the fastest time.● To achieve customer requirements, the whole design process, never blindly pursue perfect design, but customer demand first.● In addition to the design, this is a very plus, from basic materials to hard and soft outfit design, there are too many suppliers to choose from, and in many ways are better than their own to find suppliers.● Communication and coordination with suppliers is more efficient due to previous cooperation.24 hours standby project manager: ● No one except the designer can exceed the time the project manager is on site;● A good project manager, just like a competent housekeeper, can solve all the construction problems of design landing, including the installation landing of other three suppliers, have fully put forward very practical suggestions.The original model is hardcover room, the depth of the kitchen table is not enough, the operation space is crowded, the whole space is far from enough.After several discussions, it was decided to demolish all of them and replace them with what the owner wanted from the inside out.The owner’s baby is about to be born, and the storage requirements are very high.The whole scheme, the owner is also involved, the owner’s fantastic idea has been implemented.1, re-planning, free switch space function 2, weakened the living room and balcony function division 3, try to increase storage space and leisure space 4, ensure performance, while extending the visual experience 5, bedroom wardrobe fine division of different areas of real photos wood grain dense play, fresh and dark interest exchanges, art natural reveal.The upper and lower echo is a hint to put each other in the heart, step by step, is the way that pure emotion wants to express.Straight line, divide space structure, curve, foil graceful form, take you to read life slow romance.White space is the best love, which broadens the sense of the field and makes the light write the poetic life details.White is dotted with black, brown is soft with gray, and green is dynamic with white, deriving spatial tension and constructing a quiet, elegant and warm narrative style.Large color block, the transition frame can be full of visual beauty;Small texture, multiple combinations can accommodate thousands of interesting.Simple temperament and calm tone are used to connect the top surface, facade and ground with vitality, giving more enjoyment to the rest time.Gauze shade matchmaking, fine line touches atrium, ripple switch mood……Different texture of the language, in the leisurely conversation or freely alone, bring intimacy and ritual feeling.Classic, is never eliminated innovation, science and technology, is the foundation of convenient life.A perfect sense of harmony is achieved by matching the color proportion, and bright metal is interspersed to make it clean and clear. The moire lingering among them responds to the ethereal moving of fireworks with a relaxed and casual form, injecting the space attributes of beauty, fragrance and elegance.Childlike tone, from the outside to the inside, send out vitality, return to the heart.The quiet of pink blue, borrow irregular dot shape, contrast the sweetness of soft pink.Concave-convex brushwork builds a playground close to life, which can be written, displayed and lying down.Shake the wooden horse with Mickey portrait, deducing the unfettered scene, healing every moment.Block game, the gift of layout square inch, colour charm, capture the tune of small waves, in inconspicuous architecture, remould hold functional sex concurrently, comfortable sex, aesthetic bedroom.Carefully selected, revealed the artistic taste of discerning, fit layout, spread out the vivid implication of streamlined picture.Vertical flowing texture, with the wisdom of time travelers, with natural temperament back to nature, telling a good night story or good morning expression.Match with square white bottom to hang a picture, build a sense of fresh breath.Cloth art head of a bed, presenting the scale and thought of the advanced aesthetic, in the passage of time peace of mind sleep, refining a new oneself.In the private space, extended delle, suspension scattered, light and controllable beauty, quietly point out the division of the region, precipitation elegant and comfortable mood.A touch of red contains the core of color and light, accompanied by the rhythm of the organ stool, perceiving the infinite aesthetic atmosphere.Dry and wet separation, let the toilet with the form of meaning, care for each use experience.