Drink in moderation, never drink too much!The passenger was too drunk to wake the taiyuan taxi driver and called the police

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The passenger got into the taxi, but fell asleep in the cab drunk.Arriving at the destination, the taxi driver was unable to rouse the passengers and had to ask the police for help.On February 18, the police store branch notified the rescue police situation, to remind the general public to drink moderately, do not drink.At 11:30 on February 11, a taxi driver reported to the small shop police station that there was a drunk passenger who refused to get off the bus at the gate of Kangning Home area.After receiving the alarm, the police on duty rushed to the scene for disposal.The cab driver said that the male passenger got on at the gate of a restaurant in Fukang Street and said he wanted to go to Kangning Home community.At the time, the male passenger slurred his speech and smelled strongly of alcohol.Arrived at the destination, the elder brother discovers male passenger unexpectedly in the car shout big sleep, how call also call not wake up.Because do not know the male passenger specific home address, the elder brother helplessly to the police for help.”Wake up, you’re home.” “Where do you live?”…By the scene, the man has been in a vague state of consciousness, unable to respond to police inquiries.Finally, the police through the police terminal, community groups and other platforms to check, determined the man’s identity information and detailed home address.Later, the police and the taxi together, the drunk man safely sent home.Reporter Liu Youwang correspondent Niu Guopei Taiyuan Evening News