Linyi City Yishui County Cui Jiayu Town New Year’s gathering ushered in anti-cult peace volunteers

2022-05-03 0 By

Qilu Evening News, Qilu Yipoint reporter Du Honglei Spring Festival market more and more dense, dazzling goods attract many people to go shopping.Shandong linyi city phenomenon.the CuiJiaYu Town make full use of monde, traffic, go home more favorable opportunity, carry out “the Spring Festival, the cult, and promote harmony” as the theme of the cult concentrated promotional activities, to enhance the knowledge of the general public evil, evil, evil consciousness, build the cult of defence, and improve the consciousness to resist the ability of the cult of erosion.The Comprehensive security center of Cui Jiayu Town, together with the police station, grid members, safety volunteers and more than 20 people participated in the anti-cult centralized publicity, set up an “anti-cult propaganda station” in the market, and carried out anti-cult propaganda for the masses and anti-rural people.Staff hanging the cult signature banner, issue “advocate science against cults, promotional materials, and the cult warning education handbook understood packing more than 2000, in the form of popular forms, wide publicity to the masses, the state’s policies on the prevention treatment cult and the laws and regulations, improve the residents to recognize the ugly nature of cult organizations and social harm,Enhance the ability of residents to identify and resist cults, truly carry out anti-cult propaganda and education around residents, explain to the masses, guide people to advocate science and oppose cults, and transmit positive energy to thousands of households.