The loading volume of power battery in January: lithium iron phosphate rose 5 times as much as triple battery, and BYD set a new high

2022-05-03 0 By

China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance announced January power battery data.Data show that China’s power battery loading in January compared with the same period last year to achieve a substantial growth, lithium iron phosphate gradually occupy the market, BYD and Ningde era distance is narrowing.In January 2022, the total vehicle load of power batteries in China was 16.2GWh, up 86.9% year on year, a significant increase compared with the same period last year, and the lithium iron phosphate batteries with good safety performance and low cost have doubled.Specifically, the loading volume of ternary battery and lithium iron phosphate battery was 7.3GWh and 8.9GWh respectively in January, up 35.2% and 172.7% year-on-year respectively, and down 34.0% and 41.0% month-on-month respectively.In terms of output, the output of ternary battery in January was 10.8GWh, accounting for 36.5% of the total output, up 57.9% year on year, and down 5.4% month on month;The output of lithium iron phosphate battery was 18.8GWh, accounting for 63.3% of the total output, up 261.8% year on year, down 6.3% month on month.It can be seen that the production and loading of lithium iron phosphate continue to exceed the ternary battery, and the growth rate is significantly higher than the ternary battery.In fact, as early as last July, the number of cars loaded with lithium iron phosphate in a month surpassed that of ternary batteries for the first time.In 2021, lithium iron phosphate battery reversed the situation of successive years for the first time, with a cumulative load of 79.8GWh to surpass terpolymer battery, and its market share reached 51.7%.Byd han EV, tesla domestic Model3, wuling hongguang MINIEV, xiaopeng P7 and other popular models are equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries.Industry analysts believe that cost and safety will continue to be a priority for battery suppliers in a variety of battery application scenarios, and lithium iron phosphate is expected to surpass terpolymer batteries in the next 10 years to gradually dominate the ev sector.In terms of enterprise, the gap between BYD and Ningde era is narrowing.In January this year, the top five power battery companies were Ningde Times, BYD, China Innovation Aviation, Guoxuan High-tech and Honeycomb Energy.Among them, Ningde Times and BYD together accounted for more than 70% of the market.Yongdeok Times ranked first with 8.13 GWh, accounting for 50.2 percent.Byd installed 3.39 GWh and accounted for 20.9 percent of the market, the highest monthly share since March 2020.It is worth noting that BYD had a 16% share of the domestic power battery market last year, ranking just behind Ningde Times.And in the number of lithium iron phosphate batteries, the gap is even smaller.The top three enterprises in the number of three yuan battery loading are Ningde Times, China Innovation New Aviation and Funeng Technology.And the first three enterprises of lithium iron phosphate loading volume are Ningde Times, BYD and Guoxuan High-tech.