The power highlights are not just the acceleration and sonic test drive of the S

2022-05-03 0 By

As geely “star” generation of passengers, Star S is undoubtedly a product not to be underestimated, first of all, “Nordic Hao Hua” power gene is its most important magic weapon, of course, star S has a lot of high-end technology configuration.So with this test drive, I intend to have a good experience of this product, the most key power movement to what extent?Besides motivation, what other reasons can it make young people pay?Let’s have a full mian interpretation of the core of Geely Star S product.Geely “China Star” one of the high-end three swordmen CMA architecture +2.0T+8AT built-in exhaust sound volume let you play cool summary: The power system of The Star Yue S is really not lack of “flash point”.The CMA Super parent architecture and 2.0t +8AT high-spec powertrain are powerful enough on their own.Crucially, the Sshetsu S also optimizes details such as nonlinear damped suspension with faster springback and thyssenKrupp DP-EPS steering with more accuracy and speed.Compared with the price of the new car, the power upgrade of Xingyue S has indeed been very sincere, but Yi’s regret is that it would be good if the 2.0t +8AT entry car with switch solenoid valve exhaust could also be optional, after all, not all users need the four-wheel drive system of the top-matching model.