28-year-old woman leaves home after sterilization, no good man: Who says divorced women are hot?

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There is no denying that people like to listen and believe what they want to believe!Even if it is clear that the other party is in a perfunctory, pretending, are willing to believe that all these false is true.In real life, “cheating on one’s ears” is not just a word, but more of a universal phenomenon.Many people are no longer surprised because too much reality has told them that all this is true.Recently, a woman in Shandong province spoke out about her married life.Because of the twists and turns, the woman did not want to tell her specific address, for fear of evoking their own sad memories.She was born in 1994. She’s 28 now.The woman did not expect to divorce herself, but finally divorced.”It was always told to me before the divorce that divorced women are in demand these days, even without make-up.On the contrary divorced the man, no ability no money, also really hard to find again!”In the woman’s opinion, this is the “truth” that some people often hang around before divorce.Ideal fullness, after all, people are willing to believe in good words, “bitter medicine” sometimes enemy “people want”.Many women make the mistake of thinking: “after divorce, one person can feed the whole family, the whole family is not hungry, there is no need to take care of other people’s children, everything is free, love who.”On this thought, many women believe, husband and wife a word not to divorce hanging on the mouth.Hope the other side coax, but the other side also seriously, the final real divorce when no one can think.The promise of a lifelong marriage was in vain.”Who was it that told me these great lessons of life?Come out here and tell me why I never met a good man in my divorce.What’s the problem?”Recall at the beginning of the divorce, the woman has regretted, for their own impulse, now suffering their own, also bitter children.For still want to divorce the woman, the woman earnestly advised: do not leave, endure a endure life can go on.The memory of the failed marriage was fresh in the woman’s mind.10 years of marriage didn’t leave much, 10 years of stay-at-home wife, two kids.In a divorce, a woman gives up competing with her husband for children, and at the same time gives up the car, the house, the insurance, the compensation and so on.He left it all to his kids and went out alone.A woman divorces behind her family’s back, fearing that they will force her to fight over the property.After 10 years of marriage, two children and two scars, the woman had asked her husband, “What have you done for me?The husband thought for five minutes and finally said, I’ll take you home.The woman tears down, not for others, only for their own sad.The woman is 28 years old, has given birth to a child, is divorced, has no savings, and earns only 3,800 yuan a month as a part-time worker.It is very difficult to meet people who know each other.The woman herself did not expect that at the age of 28, she would be so embarrassed.What makes the woman most sad is that she chose vasectomy at the age of 27.This also makes the woman lose the right to be a mother again, and wants to reorganize the family, but is afraid that the man’s parents will not accept it.Such a mood can be imagined, but it can not be personally experienced.A failed marriage, let a woman know too much.Marriage is flat light, but more cherish each other.A quarrel at the head of a bed and a quarrel at the end of a bed are the result of communication rather than keeping the conflict to oneself.Couples often have conflicts and disagreements, but seeking common ground while shelving differences is the way to survive.Marriage is a couple of things, behind the respective families.Marriage is plain and light, but sometimes contradictions and conflicts are inevitable.But to solve these endless contradictions is an important factor affecting the stability of marriage.Accident is a threat to marriage, but also a test to the feelings of both husband and wife.There is one called “and divorce”, do you think divorce can still be like this?# Shandong Headlines ## Divorce ## Ziqiao Tongcheng #