A female boss in Zhejiang province has chartered trains to send her employees home for the Chinese New Year for more than a decade: fried dumplings, bread and fruit to eat on the way!

2022-05-04 0 By

At noon on January 25th, 350 migrant workers from Wenzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Huzhou, Taizhou and other places of Zhejiang met at Hangzhou Railway City Station. In the afternoon, they will board special train K48 to return to their hometown Qiqihar. After 38 hours, they will arrive at 8 am on January 27th.There is no need to worry about the train ticket home. The Ningbo Huaxia Talent Human Resources Co., LTD., where they work, has arranged a special train.On the sixth day of the New Year, the company will pick them up again on a special train.Wang Feng, chairman of Ningbo Huaxia Talent Human Resources Co., LTD., specially wore a red dress, “Chinese New Year, wearing red festival.”This group of front-line workers, mostly in the automotive industry, electronic and electrical industry workshop work.The Spring Festival is coming, and they are going back to their hometown in Heilongjiang province.”Only hangzhou station has a direct train back to Qiqihar.But some older workers didn’t know how to use their smartphones to grab tickets home. They wanted to buy tickets in Hangzhou and didn’t have time, so we just booked three carriages of the K48 train and sent them back.It’s easier for the workers.”Wang said.On January 25, 350 workers will be sent back to their hometowns, and another 400 will be sent the next day. A total of about 800 workers will be sent back to their hometowns before the Spring Festival.This time, the company paid for about 200,000 tickets to send migrant workers back to their hometowns.Before the train left, Wang feng said to them, “This time, on the way back to your hometown, we can eat and drink well, but we can’t drink. We can go back with laughter and laughter all the way. We can rest assured that you will spend the New Year in your hometown, and we will take you back to Zhejiang next year.”