All the highlights are cultural confidence of the “Expression of the Winter Olympics”

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The Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics are not only a stage to show competitive strength and sportsmanship, but also a good opportunity to show Chinese culture to the world.Every moment of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics touched the heart.”Chinese style” to support the “Olympic fan”, is the expression of Chinese cultural confidence in the Winter Olympics.Little snowflakes coalesce into great unity.Under the witness of the five rings, the small snowflakes on the ground with the names of the delegations gathered together, and the snowflakes of different forms gathered together, forming the moving landscape of “Yanshan snowflakes as big as a mat”.All over the world thousands of “snowflakes” united together, telling the beautiful vision of “together for the future”.Ink painting, embroidery engraving, snowflakes, no matter from the aesthetic modeling or humanistic implication, all highlight the Olympic spirit.”The story of a snowflake” is the common aspiration of all mankind, and also a romantic representation of the strong and confident Chinese people.In fact, every minute of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games was full of Chinese culture. The overall creativity and innovation reflected the values and philosophy of the Chinese people, and represented a deeper level of cultural confidence.The little torch contains great wisdom.A little torch, a little flame, but what you think of is the great Olympic spirit, the burning passion of all mankind.Hundreds of millions of viewers praised the ceremony for its low-carbon environmental protection theme and innovation that dares to break with tradition.It is unique to light a torch with a “light” instead of a “light” and a “light” instead of a roaring fire.The small main torch carries the big idea of low-carbon, environmental protection and green, which contains the great wisdom of “a single spark can start a prairie fire”. It symbolizes peace, light, holiness, unity and friendship, and illuminates the fire in people’s hearts and the road of human progress.The small chorus brought a big shock.At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, there is a stipulated meeting song singing link.More than 40 primary school students from the Maorchid Children’s Chorus in Fuping County, Hebei Province, sang the Olympic Anthem in Greek.The children of these ordinary farmers come from five schools, including Malan Primary School and Bayi School, in Nanzhuang Town, fuping county.The youngest is five years old, the oldest is eleven.Fuping county was once a revolutionary base area and a state-level poverty-stricken county, which was lifted out of poverty in 2020.The children in the mountains sang loudly on the Olympic stage, showing the pride and happiness of the Chinese people who had won the battle against poverty.When a simple child wearing clothes with tiger head standing on the Olympic stage, when the sounds of nature sounded, how can not be moved and shocked?Of the Beijing Olympics and winter paralympic games emblem, mascot, sports ICONS, torch, MEDALS, lantern, “ice ribbons fluttering ying ying,” satisfied “snow in the mountain,” the sail of ice “ride on the great winds,” flying snow “, thousandrous hooves across all these bring a surprise to people, all the wonderful carrying heavy eastern culture, reveals the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation,Telling touching Stories about China.This is the cultural confidence of the Chinese people in the new era.To tell The Chinese story in our national language, we also tell the world our common concept: we are one family, we are one community.Source in an times review editor Xu Fangfang editor Li Jie Liu Sibo