Another version of the list of “Sister Wave 3” has been revealed, with the unexpected inclusion of popular online singers and the return of five past season relics

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“Ride the wind and waves of the elder sister of the first season”, “the elder brother” worth mentioning, the reason why can be successful, besides novel form, powerful later period and millions of copywriting, luxurious participate in the lineup also is having important influence.Distance from “Sister Wave 3” open recording time is getting closer and closer, the final choice has not been confirmed.Today, a new list has been released online, which is generally similar to the previous version, but there are some differences.First of all, many of the names on the list have already been mentioned many times, such as Coco Lee, Charlene Choi, Xintong Zhong, Xinling Wang, Dongdong Xu, Lu Cao, Jin Chen, Shiting Su, Jie He, Yawei Yuan, Bing Chen, Xue Han, Chen Pan, and Liang Tian, one of the “Mango Five Little Flowers”.Based on the experience of the first two seasons, it is not just by chance that they are on the list. Some of them have already signed a contract, and some have basically confirmed their intention. I believe that most of them will come in the end.In the last row are Sun Yue, Zhang Xiaofei, Ling Hua, Sa Dingding and Xu Huaiyu, all of whom are recent additions to the roster.Sun Yue earlier appeared on mango TV’s New Year’s Eve gala, singing five well-known classic songs in a row, which not only became the highest rated show of the night, but also became a hot search caused a wave of attention.For her, “Sister Wave 3” is a good platform to make a full comeback.Zhang Xiaofei although the major business sales numbers have a pattern, a discerning person will know to participate in the probability is not high.For one thing, she had just won the Golden Rooster Award for best Actress, so there was no need to make a splash.Secondly, after the fire of “Hello, Li Huanying”, she deliberately reduced her exposure to concentrate on filming, really choosing a girl group will be questioned as “not doing a proper job”.In contrast, Ling Hua, Xu Huaiyu join the possibility to be much larger.Linghua is an old acquaintance of Hunan Taiwan, on the ace variety show, the partnership is not generally good.As for Xu huaiyu, the former “civilian diva” has been waiting for a chance to make her mark.One of the most surprising names on the list is Qiao, who is far from the other sisters in popularity alone.Search her information, turned out to be a network singer, the authenticity of the list is doubtful, rather have the suspicion of speculation.After all, there are so many female stars in season 3 that the directors don’t have to worry about being uninvited.According to the netizen’s revelation, compared to the second season, this season’s competition system has undergone a lot of changes.Cancelled kick house competition, instead by the first two seasons not resurrected, not a group of sister to challenge online sister.At present tentative yi Zhu sister has five people, respectively is Yuan Yonglin, Huang Shengyi, Alan, Xuan Lu, Jin Chen, is the heart of the “meaning difficult to level”.If they do make it back, it could be one of the highlights of the season.In fact, the singer used a similar “counter-match system”, but now it is just a copy of the example, the effect of the broadcast will tell.Which thirty sisters will join sister Wave 3? Look forward to official announcement from Mango TV.But if season 3 is going to be as big as season 1, it’s going to be a lot more important to have the right music director and stage presence.