Apply for electronic driver’s license audit does not pass the photo taking law has to pay attention to

2022-05-04 0 By

“I have applied for an e-driver’s license several times but failed. Each time, I was prompted to say that the photo was not qualified. How should I take it to meet the requirements?”On March 28, Ms Sun, a citizen of Xining, asked reporters to help.”At first, I thought it was makeup that caused the photo to fail, but later, photos taken without makeup still failed.”Ms. Sun said, she has followed the prompts for three times, has been showing the audit did not pass.Why does someone apply for an e-driver’s license many times without success?Apply for electronic driver’s license should note what matters?Reporter contacted Xining City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment vehicle management office network office center director Sun Haijuan, she introduced, electronic driver’s license requirements should be in line with the relevant requirements of motor vehicle driving documents, many people did not upload photos in accordance with the requirements, resulting in background audit did not pass.”During our review process, we found that many users were not sitting in the right posture, taking selfies, covering their face or ears, taking photos in an uneven light distribution environment, and wearing accessories. These were all reasons why the photos were not approved.”Sun haijuan said.When applying for an electronic driver’s license, applicants should pay attention to the uniform light, white background, sitting upright, shoulder level and looking straight into the camera, Sun said.Secondly, to be bareheaded, hair does not cover the face, ears, hair is not messy, fluffy, do not wear heavy makeup, not too shallow clothes, standard clothing, do not wear masks, sunglasses, hats, scarves, accessories.What if the audit failed several times?Sun Haijuan replied that if a user fails to apply for an electronic driving license on the “Traffic Management 12123” App for several times, he can go to the network Office center on the second floor of Xining Vehicle Management Bureau, and the staff will submit records through the background of the user and make specific answers.”It should be noted that when applying for an electronic driver’s license for the first time, the system directly takes the driver’s ID card photo and the background automatically verifies it.If the ID card is old and the system cannot detect valid id photos, the background requires users to upload photos of the front and back sides of the ID card, which can be approved by the background to generate an electronic driving license.”Sun haijuan said.