Fujian people have a small temperature difference in spring, so it is necessary to keep warm

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Southeast network On February 8 (Fujian Daily · New Fujian client reporter Zhang Jingwen) the reporter learned from the provincial meteorological observatory, the next three days in our province by the southerly airflow control, the sky continues to be gloomy, some areas accompanied by light rain.Friends, prepare rain gear for travel, and pay attention to the adverse impact of precipitation and low visibility weather on the return journey of the Spring Festival Travel Rush, and drive carefully.Affected by continuous rainy weather, the temperature of our province has also been depressed and depressed. Tomorrow, the lowest temperature in the central and northern parts of our province is below 7℃. The lowest temperature in the urban areas of the northern part of Nanping City, the western part of Sanming City, the northwest part of Ningde City and the northern part of Longyan City can reach 1~4℃.Although the temperature difference between morning and evening is small, but when the spring is chilly, cold and warm can not be less.It is worth noting that under the influence of cold air, from tonight to the daytime of the 9th, the central and southern coastal areas: northeast wind 6-7 gust 8 to 5-6 gust 7-8;Taiwan Strait: ne winds 7-8 gust 9 to 6-7 gust 8.Experts remind, relevant departments please pay attention to prevent coastal wind on shipping, coastal tourism and offshore aquaculture and other industries of the adverse impact.Future weather forecast this evening to night, the province overcast to cloudy, most counties and cities have light rain.On The 9th, the province was overcast, with light rain in most counties and cities.The 10th, the province overcast to cloudy, most counties and cities have light rain, partial moderate rain.Source: southeast Net