Guess lantern riddles bao Tangyuan parent-child sweet hand warm yuanxiao

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February 14, Gaoping District Civil Affairs Bureau and Xiaolong street social work station in Huayjiaba community yuanrongmeijia community to carry out the integration of winter Olympics elements of the “guess lantern riddled bag tangyuan family warm hand Lantern Festival” activity.On the same day, reporters in the garden rong Meijia community to see the door of the community red lanterns hung high, point into line, line paved into the surface, the community dressed up booming, lanterns under an endless stream of visitors, children in groups to take down the lantern under the riddle.Now, volunteers are busy, some in cash prizes for guess lantern riddles, some hand in hand to teach the children package dumplings, pairs of young tangyuan small hand carefully wrapped into the shape of a ice mound mound, big head, round eyes, two layers of “black rim of the eye” lifelike, raise your hand posture is darling.Under the guidance of the volunteers, “Bing Dwen Dwen” the pot, after the pot, the children will have a good meaning of reunion dumplings sent to the hands of the elderly community.”My grandson used to make dumplings for me, but now he goes to study in other places and rarely eats them.”Uncle Zhang, a resident, ate the dumplings packed by children and felt warm in his heart.It is understood that the garden rongmei home community belongs to the housing, there are many families of the main labor force are working outside, so there are many “left” elderly and children living in the community.Every festival times miss relatives, this Lantern Festival has such activities, to everyone’s heart added a lot of warmth.”We hope that through such activities, children can understand the customs of traditional festivals, experience the fun of the ‘Winter Olympics’, but also inherit the traditional culture of respecting and caring for the elderly, so that the elderly feel the care of children.”Gao Ping district Xiaolong street social work station head Luo Qin told reporters.Gaoping District Rong Media Center reporter: Qu Xin reports