Ice and snow help the Winter Olympics

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Six torchbearers from Mentougou district took part in the torch relay in Beijing’s Orson Park, Winter Olympics Park and Shougang Park on Feb 2, the first day of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay.Qu Shaodong, assistant to the president of Beijing Mentougou District Hospital and director of medical Department, as the sole representative of medical workers in Mentougou District, completed the mission of the 311th torch relay.As a medical worker, Qu shaodong was one of the first city volunteers to take to the streets during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and became a city volunteer again during the Paralympics, contributing his share to the success of the Beijing Olympic Games.This year, he was honored to be a torchbearer in the Winter Olympics, which he attributed to his own “luck”, but everyone knows that behind this luck, is years of hard work and unremitting struggle.In 2015, Qu Shaodong, as the second batch of medical cadres of The eighth phase of Xinjiang aid, opened a one-year medical aid to Xinjiang in The People’s Hospital of Luopu County in Xinjiang Hetian Area, completed his long-cherished wish – to treat patients with the benevolence of the doctor, the benevolence of the doctor, and solve their pain.Comrade Qu Shaodong has high political literacy and strong working ability, and filled in many technical gaps for local hospitals in the work of aid to Xinjiang.On January 26, 2018, Qu Shaodong, then deputy director of the general practice department of Beijing Mentougou District Hospital, went to attend an academic conference. While waiting for the train at Beijing West Railway Station, he heard an announcement on the radio that a passenger had suddenly fainted and was in urgent need of treatment.Collapsed QuShaoDong immediately rushed to the scene and found the passengers sitting in a chair, oral violet purple, loss of consciousness, heart stopped breathing, the pupil has loose big, out of instinct and to heal the wounded and rescue the dying professional doctor, he has done for the passengers cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration, don’t give up any opportunity to treatment, until a patient is 120 emergency away.Since the outbreak, Qu has been stationed on the front line of COVID-19 prevention and control. When the epidemic was serious, “5+2” and “White + Black” became the norm at work. Sometimes, just after arriving home late at night and eating a few bites of cold rice, qu was called away by an emergency call to attend an emergency meeting overnight.In 2020, under his leadership, the medical staff in the isolation ward of Mentougou District Hospital successfully cured the first and so far only COVID-19 patient in Mentougou District in nine days and nine nights by using integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine.At the end of September, Qu was named “Advanced Individual in Beijing’s fight against COVID-19”.Repeatedly, in 2021, with Beijing outbreak QuShaoDong as assistant dean, director of the medical department of Beijing mentougou district hospital, the hospital epidemic prevention and control work of personnel dispatch work, isolation, vaccination points personnel arrangement up detailed trival, but QuShaoDong in accordance with the requirements of superiors, in-depth analysis, unified arrangement, do the efficient and humane delivery personnel,This has promoted the smooth development of epidemic prevention and control.In January 2022, Beijing Mentougou District Hospital organized medical staff to support the nucleic acid collection work in Fengtai for many times. Qu Shaodong once again took the initiative to go to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, interpreting the original mission and fulfilling his duties with the benevolence of doctors!Winter Olympics torchbearer Qu Shaodong will continue to fulfill his duty as a doctor, inherit the spirit of the Winter Olympics, and bring the glory to every health defender to contribute to protecting the health of the people under his administration!All the medical staff of Beijing Mentougou District Hospital will continue to carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit, provide all-round, high-quality medical services for the people, and build a solid defense of health.