In the cabin, Baymax found a temporary desk for the children

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The original title:In the cabin, “big white” for the children to find a temporary desk big white finally carried a wide desk for the map of jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (reporter Huang Tao correspondent Xie Jing Chen Qiuxia)) is in the second grade eight-year-old star (alias), in the cabin, the mood is extremely bad, launched a temper,Gong Li and Wang Ben, nurses from Tongji Tianyou Hospital/Tianyou Hospital affiliated to Wuhan University of Science and Technology, patiently inquired after seeing the problem. It turned out that there was no suitable desk for children to do their homework.Gong Li and Wang Ben asked Song Juan to look for a suitable table for their child. After many difficulties, they finally brought a large desk. Xing Xing calmed down and smiled happily.There is no such thing as quiet time, but some people are carrying loads…”Star mother wrote a thank-you letter to the medical staff.Tongji god bless hospital/god save the affiliated hospital of wuhan university of science and technology assistance Shanghai medical temporary party branch secretary, manager, director Chen qiu xia, April 6 in the afternoon, the medical team to enter the largest square in Shanghai, to take over the W3 area more than 1300 patients, many patients recovered from other complex condition, which include cerebral hemorrhage, postoperative tumor, low intelligence, polio and asymptomatic infections,The medical team is mainly responsible for rehabilitation, nursing and psychological care.