It’s official!Marbury cut the super foreign aid, north control playoff prospects are not optimistic

2022-05-04 0 By

“For most of the season we had a lot of injuries, we were below expectations, we didn’t show a lot of energy and positivity. That’s my problem. Now we just have to go back to Beijing and train well and continue to improve.”Marbury is a coach who loves his players very much. He regards his players as his family. From his voice for Liao, you can see that every time he loses, he takes the blame and does not blame his players.It is understood that north control men’s basketball will cut the super foreign aid Todorovic.Todorovic was a super foreign aid with an average of 30+10 per game in Tianjin Team. However, his performance was very bad after he came to North Control Team in the second stage. He played 16 minutes per game in 7 games and only got 8.7 points and 6.4 rebounds.In the past three games, Beikong lost to Liaoning team, Jilin team and Zhejiang Guangsha team respectively. Todorovic only scored 2 points, 5 points and 6 points respectively, which was so surprising that the management of Beikong decided to cut Todorovic.In fact, before coming to North Control, Todorovic is cut by the European league, visible state is not very good.Yu Changdong, Wang Shaojie and Sun Tonglin have a similar style to Todorovic, and the loss of him will have little impact on beikong.Now north Control has only three foreign players, small foreign players landsberg and Markus – Dunmon, big foreign players haas, Dunmon is a guard, landsberg is a forward, Haas is a center, this configuration is more reasonable.Deng Meng is still in isolation, the third stage can represent the north to play.After 14-14 losses in the two stages, Beikong ranked 11th, with the same record as Jilin team in 12th place. Xinjiang team and Tianjin team are eager to try. Beikong will be very difficult in the third stage, and the prospect of the playoffs is not optimistic!Liao Sanning has finished surgery to determine the season reimbursement, now the North control has no point guard, will rely on small foreign aid Deng Meng.It is understood that Zhang Fan has not returned to training at present, it is unknown whether he can play in the third stage, if Zhang fan can not play, then the north Control defensive line is really no one available, missing the two best defenders.Remember last season, Beikong was sure to make the playoffs, but other teams all helped Guo shiqiang, which caused Beikong to lose the playoff spot. This season, is the script going to repeat itself?