Now young people, basically has been far away from liquor, the intervention of profit-seeking capital, is the root cause

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I don’t know if you have noticed that young people around us don’t drink much at the wine table, regardless of whether they are attending formal dinners or friends’ parties. Even if they are willing to drink a little, they only choose beer or red wine. But when it comes to wine, it is almost impossible, isn’t it interesting?Now the liquor market, all looking forward to 60, 70, and a small amount of 80 after this group of people to support the scene, 90, 00, we can see, there are a few in the liquor?At a glance, young people who drink baijiu ah.In the long run, baijiu may indeed disappear one day, and this is by no means an exaggeration.Let’s put aside the time and environment that young people live in, but just from the various problems of baijiu itself in recent years, there must be a reason why young people do not drink baijiu. The problem lies in baijiu itself, which is the root cause.Now young people, basically has been far away from liquor, the intervention of profit-seeking capital, is the root cause.Due to the participation of these profit-seeking capital behind the liquor market, the liquor market in the recent 10-15 years can really be described as “chaos”. This chaos, as an old wine friend, I have made a summary, which can be roughly manifested in the following three aspects:A, madness liquor blending wine market, young people were asked to “hook up” but color blending wine the word everyone not unfamiliar, actually it is the birth of the thing for dozens of years ago, but the emergence of blending wine at the beginning, there are historical reasons, the founding of the early food shortages, at the time to introduce the vodka drinks craft of the Soviet union, the most striking feature of this process is that,Cheap tubers can be used to make wine, because this process was successfully tested in Yantai, so it is also known as “Yantai brewing method”.However, the liquor produced by this process is not as strong as the traditional Chinese liquor. To put it plainly, there is no liquor taste and Chinese people are not used to drinking it. In the later stage, some essence was added to the liquor, which is the origin of the blended liquor.But blending made a comeback more than 20 years ago, thanks to the capital behind the baijiu market.The biggest characteristic of blended wine is that it has a very low cost and a very short production cycle, just like pigs and chickens raised on a large scale. Think about it, what will the taste of such instant wine be like?At that time, not only small wineries, many large wineries also joined the ranks of blending wine production, why?Blending wine brings windfall profits to capital.But this is not the key, the key is to some of the “dirty” winery and small workshops, to drink more thick, more sweet, artificial add too much flavor in a wine, in the most popular of blending wine more than 10 years ago, there have been such a report, a winery in the blending wine, was found out to add more than 20 essence, this quantity, think is terrible, he damage to human body,I can’t imagine it.Now, is that clear?Let alone young people, even those who have been drinking wine for many years are afraid of blending wine, and those who value their health more are shunning it. Moreover, young people don’t know what kind of blending wine is, so they simply don’t drink it.Second, the quality of low and middle end liquor is worrying, and the loss of traditional taste, young people simply cannot “enjoy” in addition to the above mentioned blend liquor, there are most low and middle end liquor on the market, this is a long story.Let’s first talk about low-end wine. Even though it is not blended wine, the process is too simple. Fermentation, using koji and other processes are simplified and simplified again.Such low-end wine, even old friends can not drink, let alone young people, then some people ask, why this low-end wine is selling well?The reason is simple, the low-end wine is cheap, there is no choice, some heavy drinkers, really have to drink this wine, there is no way out.All this, thanks to the capital, which is so profitable.And then there’s the middle end. What is the middle end?It’s a label wine that’s not cheap, but what is a label wine?Is a few famous brand winery, play a tai chi, lend their brand to middlemen, for profit, middlemen by these so-called famous brand of their own wine, this is stick brand wine.The price of branded wine has increased because of the so-called name brand.How to identify the brand wine, there is a catchphrase, you can remember, not sure when it can be used, specific as follows: Maotai with a town, buy carefully.Luzhou no laojiao, right away around.Fenjiujia Group, basically over.Siphon didn’t bring any wine. She had to hide.Five grain spring alcohol liquid, the rest is evil.Yanghe Haitian dream, the other do not touch.The ancient well did not carry tribute, drinking pain all over.Jiannan no spring, don’t ask true not true.Drunkard xiangquan, absolutely worthless.Learn to write simplified wine, directly despise.Drink good wine and make good friends.Long hair not old wine, bottle brush soy sauce.The formula must be kept in mind by the elder branch of the big factory.The following bottle of wine, fen wine added a “group”, is a standard bottle of branded wine, ha ha.The quality of this brand wine is worse than other low-end wine. The quality is almost even worse, but the price is ridiculously high. Many young people do not know baijiu and think it is a real brand wine.This disorderly like, it is the liquor market behind the profit capital in trouble, the winery got benefits, do stick brand wine middlemen earn pot full pot full, hurt, but these honest consumers, young people which can bear this injustice, since the inside of the water so deep, that said, resolutely do not drink is.Three, high-grade wine, this can drink, but young people which can also drink ah now high-grade wine, to say the craft, it is certainly really bad, taste is certainly good, after all, a “high” word in that place, but we do not forget, its price, is also “high” outrageous.In these high-grade wine, the most common are in 1000 yuan above, so high price, just the price of a bottle of liquor, this really can be called “qionggru”.Young people are just beginning a career stage, on my little salary, other consumption, not only buy the wine, can buy a few bottles of a month, you let him to buy the wine as food wine, that it is better to let him go directly to lie flat, better economic foundation after 60, 70 and may, after get young people to spend, it is a fable, how to do?Don’t drink if you can’t afford it.Why are the prices of these fine wines so ridiculously high?This, of course, is due to all kinds of profit-seeking capital.The cost of the wine itself is a bit higher, but at such a high price, it must be out of the norm.The cost of baijiu is tens of dollars, sold to more than 1,000 yuan or even higher, behind this is all kinds of capital speculation, to put it bluntly, high-grade baijiu is a gimmick.Speaking of the three summarized above in the last, blending wine, low and middle grade wine, high-grade wine, there are all kinds of capital greedy profit, we think carefully, these wines basically include all the liquor, in this situation, how can you let young people drink, how can you let young people fall in love with liquor?Capital has made many wine lovers and wine lovers sad, but capital is for profit. The rest of wine lovers are helpless, otherwise what else can they do?China’s liquor market can still rely on the support of people born in the 1960s and 1970s. The young people are still living a fairly transparent life. They don’t drink liquor now, and they won’t drink liquor in the future.