Smash the window thief just escaped from the chamber was arrested, regrets that the police come really fast

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Extreme eye news reporter Ye Wenbo video clip Ye Wenbo correspondent Zou Hang Zhang Xiaolong Liu Hai intern Zhou Shaoxian Zeng Ni
The law cannot escape from the chamber of secrets.On the afternoon of February 11, in Wuhan City Jianghan Road near a secret room escape store, just play out of the secret room escape peng and plainclothes police hit, was caught on the spot.Originally, Peng is 10 days in qingshan district smashed the window theft of property suspects, was caught feeling police come really fast.At 11 o ‘clock on February 10, wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau Qingshan District branch metallurgy street police station received an alarm, the masses said that parked in metallurgy Avenue at the door of a hotel window was smashed, the car worth tens of thousands of yuan maotai and high-grade cigarettes disappeared.After receiving the police, Qingshan district public security sub-bureau “love refers to qin yu” integration special class in accordance with the “thunder fire action” requirements, quickly dispatch criminal investigation brigade set up special class, and metallurgical street police station together rushed to the scene to read peripheral surveillance video.After more than 3 hours of meticulous tracking, the police lock a suspicious young man, 2 o ‘clock in the morning, the man in the stolen vehicle near loitering back and forth, around the vehicle observation, smashed the window glass, the car stolen property.Then, the criminal investigation brigade deputy chief Hong Huipeng led the special class of police soldiers divided into three roads, all the way to study the man’s activity track, all the way to recover stolen pull damage, all the way to catch.Police rushed around wuhan Caidian District, Jianghan district and Xianning City, clear the man’s identity and physical characteristics, and found that early in the morning of 11, the suspected man carried two packages to a tobacco hotel on Jingwu Road, out empty-handed.Police immediately rushed to the liquor store, bright identity, the boss took the initiative to account for the purchase of Maotai liquor and high-grade cigarettes that day.When the police told the purchase of stolen goods, it said it was willing to return all compensation, and cooperate with the investigation.Police checked on the spot, recovered 11 bottles of Maotai liquor and 15 high-grade cigarettes, and took the shop owner back to investigate.Special class police dig clues, On February 11 at 5:00 p.m., found the suspected man Peng into jianghan road pedestrian street a secret room escape shop, then carry out squatting control, to be out of the chamber, the police came forward wengzhongzhuobin.To the case, metallurgy street police station police Li Wenfang and others meticulous interrogation, the suspect Peng confessed to the crime of breaking the window stolen property, has been dealt with according to law.At present, the case is still in further handling.Wuhan Qingshan police remind: please the general public as far as possible to park the car in someone looked after the parking lot or garage, conditional can be installed for the vehicle anti-theft alarm device;After getting off, lock the doors and Windows, do not leave mobile phones, handbags, computers, cigarettes and alcohol and other valuables in the car;In case of broken Windows or stolen property, please call 110 immediately.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.