Sunshine full text travel “delicacies” to welcome the New Year

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The mainstream of sunshine – To enrich citizens tourist festival life, build strong festival atmosphere, show the sunshine good life scene and the brand-new style and features of cultural tourism development, recently, the city culture and tourism and text brigade in each district and county departments, various tour companies to integrate text brigade of distinctive activities “packaging”, save the Spring Festival, brigade “delicacies” hospitality “table”.This day to the beginning of march, will be carried out in the whole city spring exhibition, wen gen bazaar, folk performance, the New Year fortune, hanfu travel, skiing, bubble hot spring, write Spring Festival couplets, spring, guess lantern riddles, the posthumous exhibition, painting and calligraphy and so on dozens of wonderful tour activities, part of the scenic area, scenic spots and hot springs, wen tour activities such as skiing, family reunion dinner on New Year’s eve huimin measures,Covering urban areas, counties, villages and towns, we enrich the supply of cultural and tourism products to create a happy, peaceful and more festive atmosphere of the New Year.Each scenic spot excavates the cultural connotation of the Spring Festival and integrates culture and tourism deeply.On the first day, for example, square hole scenic spot will introduce Tom cat parent-child paradise “spring general mobilization”, will be carried out here town the spring exhibition, folk performance, etc., wulian mountain scenic area is planning a “sunrise at sea peak to see the New Year” activities, are green tourist area will be “New Year fortune” series of activities, which are held by integrating the sun blessing of culture, culture, and culture, etc.Add various folk elements to enrich the travel experience of citizens and tourists.The new business integration and rich interactive experience will continue to stimulate the consumption potential of the cultural and tourism market.Culture is “open” during the holidays.In addition to the New Year’s Eve, which falls on Monday and is closed, the municipal library, municipal Art Museum, municipal museum and other public cultural service venues will be open from 9:00 to 16:30, while the municipal cultural Center will only be closed for a short time on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.Various cultural New Year themed activities will also be held in various venues, allowing citizens and visitors to experience the happiness and temperature of the city in a bookish atmosphere.In addition, during the holiday, Rizhao will do a full range of epidemic prevention and control and production safety measures in all scenic spots, cultural venues, cultural travel and consumption places in the city, to ensure that citizens and tourists feel secure, comfortable and comfortable during the New Year holiday.A series of multi-format compatible, rich cultural flavor, full of atmosphere of innovative gameplay, will be for the citizens and tourists to rise the “human fireworks” in the New Year, depicting the happiness of sunshine “poetry and distance”.This holiday, meet rizhao, go!(Rizhao Newspaper reporter Li Xiaomeng report)