The Chinese men’s curling team ranked fifth in the round robin

2022-05-04 0 By

Beijing, February 17 (Xinhua) — By Liang Jinxiong, Ma Sijia and Tan ChangBritain, Sweden, Canada and the United States finished the men’s curling round-robin at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Monday morning after nine days.The Chinese men’s team finished 4-5 and ranked fifth among the 10 participating teams, missing out on the semifinals.Rasmus Vrana (R) and Christoph Sundgren of Sweden compete in a competition in Sweden on February 17.The Chinese men’s team has qualified twice before, finishing eighth in their debut in Vancouver in 2010 and fourth in Sochi four years later, failing to qualify for the Pyeongchang Games.The men’s teams of Sweden, Canada and Great Britain had secured their places in the final four before the morning’s final four matches, with the only remaining place up for grabs between defending champions the United States and Norway.The Americans face last-place Denmark and a win will send them straight to the final four.As a result, the United States beat Denmark 7-5 as expected.Norway’s hopes were pinned on Denmark beating the United States, which failed to materialize.The British team beat Canada 5-2 to top the round with an 8-1 record.Sweden lost 8-10, but finished second with a 7-2 record.Team GB’s Bobby Lamy competes in the competition on February 17.The Canadian team lost to the British team that day, and the United States record 5-4, but the Canadian team because of the 10-5 round robin beat the United States, thus ranked third, the United States in the fourth.Norway (4-5), Switzerland (4-5), The Russian Olympic Committee (4-5), Italy (3-6) and Denmark (1-8) were ranked sixth through tenth in the round robin.According to the schedule, the men’s semifinals will be played that night, with Great Britain playing the United States and Sweden playing Canada.Source: Xinhua News Agency