There is new news about the construction of eight villages resettlement houses and Capital Medical University in the west area of Daxing New City

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Recent planning and natural resources committee of Beijing’s announcement daxing daxing new west area branch of the active service QiBu District (eight village housing) and the surrounding municipal projects issued by the “rules” of form a complete set of collaborative platform preliminary examination opinion to protect the capital medical university new campus school cadre and implementation of key projects, promote the construction of western area, properly arrange eight villages,According to the work deployment of the District government on “accelerating the preliminary construction work of the new Campus of Capital Medical University and having the conditions to start construction as soon as possible”, Daxing Branch of municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission takes the initiative to serve the starting area (Ba Cun Resettlement House) and surrounding municipal supporting projects (hereinafter referred to as “projects”) in the western part of Daxing New City.The preliminary review opinions of the collaborative platform of “Integrating multiple regulations” of the project were issued efficiently.The project is divided into two implementation groups, south district and North District.The north reaches Yongyuan Road in the north, Wenqing Street in the west, Chunfang South Road in the south and Luxing North Street in the east. The total land area of the project is 47.8 hectares, and the planned building scale is 579,000 square meters.The southern district reaches Yongqing Road and Guangyong North Road to the north, Yingpei Street to the west, Fangze East Road to the south, Wanjia Street and Wenqing Street to the east. The total land area of the project is 53.1 hectares, and the planned building scale is 555,000 square meters.In the next step, Daxing Branch of The Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources will guide the implementation subjects to complete the preliminary planning procedures according to relevant norms and procedures, properly settle the villagers of Ba Village, actively serve the implementation of the new campus of Capital Medical University and other key projects, and escort the construction of the western part of Daxing New City.Previously, there were daxing citizens in the official website of Daxing government, political and civilian interactive channel to consult the planning of the western area involving the villages of Daxing. The official reply is as follows: Involving Huangcun Village, Donglucheng Village, Xilucheng Village, Qianxinzhuang village, Houxinzhuang village, Erfang Village and Songzhuang village;Outside the planning scope, involving Zhoucun, Taifuzhuang village.The new campus of Capital Medical University (campus headquarters) is located in the north area of Daxing Biological and pharmaceutical Base, with a total land area of about 1100 mu.The school set up a new campus construction headquarters, to promote the construction of the new campus, in the completion of the new campus (campus headquarters) on the basis of the needs of the survey work, the campus planning scheme collection and selection work quickly started.Recently, the school will carry out the evaluation of the new campus planning scheme, and our long-expected new campus will also launch the mysterious veil.On November 30, 2021, under the leadership of Vice President Sun Liguang and jointly organized by the bidding agency and the Infrastructure Office (New Campus Construction Office), seven design companies conducted on-site survey on the site selection of the new campus, laying a solid foundation for promoting the campus design work.At present, the seven design units will complete all the planning scheme design tasks, will soon submit the design results and bid opening, bid evaluation work.Senior experts including national survey and design masters will be invited to form a jury to select three candidates with advanced concepts and scientific and reasonable solutions.