Top seed knocked out!Coach Liu Guoliang needs to pay attention to the 3-0 defeat of Zhang Benzhi and his sister

2022-05-04 0 By

Beijing time on January 26, Japan’s national table tennis championship is underway.In the match just ended, Zhang Benmei, zhang Benmei’s sister, and his partner and teammate Tian Kenta came out and defeated the top seed of mixed doubles by a total score of 3-0 in straight sets. The defending champion Kei Uemura/Ari Abe has been successfully added to the list of four strong men and is expected to fight for the mixed doubles title.Zhang Benmei and outstanding performance, worthy of the national Ping Liu Guoliang coaching team needs.With the retirement of Mizutani Hayabusa, zhang Benzhi and Hina Hayata, a pair of mixed doubles, have become the focus of the Japan Table Tennis Association training rivals.The Japanese tournament saw tomikazu Chang’s Mikazu Chang pull off a stunning upset, with kenta Tian beating top seeds Keiya Uemura and Ari Abe 3-0 on aggregate.In the first set, Zhang benmei and Tian Tian took the lead, winning the first game 11-5 and leading 1-0.Second set, the top seed on the village kei Zai/Abe Ai two more errors, Zhang Benmei and Tian Tian tian tian tian tian tian jiantai opened the 8-2 lead.In the end, the two did not miss the opportunity, 11-3 win again, a 2-0 lead.In the third set, Chang and Tian rallied to clinch the victory 11-7 and advanced to a 3-0 aggregate victory over defending champion and top seed Keiya Uemura/Ari Abe.Zhang Benmei is only 13 years old. At the world Junior Championships, Zhang Benmei won four gold MEDALS.Zhang benmei and her sister Zhang Ling are grand Slam teammates of Deng Yaping and are currently the head coach of her daughter Zhang Benmei.Japanese media were overjoyed and praised Chang’s performance, pointing out that she surpassed her brother Chih-wha’s achievement by winning four titles at the World Junior Championships.It wasn’t just mixed doubles that upset Chang at the Japan Championships.In the women’s singles, Zhang Benmei also scored a stunning 3-0 win over Hirano Yasuko in straight sets 11-3, 11-9 and 11-8.It is worth mentioning that Zhang Ben-Miwa is Zhang Ben-Chiwa’s sister, Hirano Yasuko is Hirano Miu’s real sister.