A person involved in raising three million children posted a clarification on weibo: one child spends 350,000 yuan a year

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It was recently reported that former model Li Xueke gave birth to three children through test-tube, followed by online rumors that “a single mother spent 3 million yuan to raise a mixed-race baby.”Immediately triggered a whole network of onlookers, controversy.On January 26, Li Xueke posted a long article on her micro blog to clarify and explain some controversial issues.Li Xueke, 33, has three mixed-race children, according to a report by thepaper.cn on Sunday.Four years ago, single and wanting to become a mother, she decided to go to Thailand to have a test tube baby.Li xueke is trying to prove that she can give her children enough love and security.According to the report, Li xueke has saved enough money to raise her children by employing three aunts and spending 100,000 yuan a month to raise them and millions a year on the kindergarten.Later, she posted a clarification on The evening of June 26, saying that a single mother spent 3 million yuan to raise a mixed-race baby.The article first admitted that he was the “3 million children raised” party, “sorry to use public resources to explain some private issues.”She said she was shocked when she saw the popular search for “3 million children”.When I was interviewed, I said 350,000 won a year for one child, more than one million won for three children.Later, I found that a friend on Weibo helped me sum up that it costs 3 million yuan to raise three children in three years, and the result was “3 million yuan to raise children”.So here I still want to explain to you, I said ‘350,000 yuan a child’, refers to the children in the kindergarten stage of clothing, food, housing and education expenses.This is not a small number to raise a child in Hangzhou, but it is not particularly exaggerated.”Li xueke said she had thought about their education many times.In the imagination, they will grow up in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, choose the major they are interested in, and do what they want to do. No matter whether they succeed in the secular sense or not, they will have a sound personality and a strong heart.”I gave birth to all three of my children on my own, and I still have scars from a C-section on my body, so I hope some netizens will stop spreading false news.I reserve the right to pursue legal liability.””My love is abundant, and I am confident that I can make up for the missing part.” Netizens are concerned about the impact of the “absence of father love” on children.”I certainly know that a happy family with both parents has a very positive impact on a child’s development,” li said.But the question is, does every single parent in the world have psychological problems?Or, conversely, doesn’t the child of both parents grow up without a little bit of family damage?With that in mind, I’m done.”Li xueke said the most important thing is to give a child enough love, whether it’s a father or a mother.My love is abundant and confident enough to make up for what is missing.Now my mother and aunt are helping me with the baby…Home every day happy, happy, I think such atmosphere, is the most important.As for the fear of fatherly love…I always believe that a healthy personality is more important than gender.If you are concerned about the lack of male elders in your children’s lives, there are ways to address this, such as hiring male teachers and encouraging them to interact more with male relatives.Li xueke says she will tell her children why they don’t have a social father in the future.”I’ve always believed that society is becoming more inclusive and more diverse.Will there come a time when they don’t think it’s a problem at all, just that they have a cool mom?I’m looking forward to it.””Please do not have so many strange associations for young women who are financially free.” The article also answered the netizens’ analysis of Li Xueke’s property situation.”First of all, I’m definitely not a rich second generation,” Li said in the article.I earned all my money on my own.But I have to admit that I was very lucky. I should say I stepped on the right wind, caught up with the dividend of The Times, and also met a good partner.I was trained to be a professional model when I was 12 years old. I was trained to take off my shoes with the skin off my feet and the heel of my foot was worn to the bone.When I was 16 years old, I started to be a model. When I walked for a show, 200 yuan, I felt that I had already started to make money. I could not ask my parents for money.At the age of 17, I went to Shanghai to develop my career. I made a bigger show, participated in various activities and competitions, and won many awards.In 2008, because of the Wenchuan earthquake, all kinds of national model competitions, exhibitions temporarily cancelled, nothing to do, can only go home to do model training classes, my mother sold a house to support my model training school.In 2013, I started to do daigou shopping in Thailand. At that time, everyone posted advertisements on wechat moments, and I did the same. Therefore, some people called me “wechat business”, which seemed to be nothing wrong.In 2014, my friend invited me to do business together, AND I agreed. Then I started a company and started business, and I have been doing business until now.By saying this, I want to tell everyone that EVERY penny I earn is the right way, and please don’t have so many strange associations and doubts about a young woman who is financially free.”In the end, Li xueke said that bringing the three angels into the world was the best decision she ever made.”I hope my response will shed some light on the truth and let people know more about women like me who voluntarily choose to be single mothers.More importantly, as a mother, I would like to ask you to understand that I do not want my children to be hurt by something that they did not do.”Li xueke’s clarification has received nearly 30,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments from netizens as of noon on Monday.Some said it was inappropriate for the three children to be exposed to the public, but many women left comments praising him.Upstream news comprehensive paper news, weibo