After watching the astronauts in space “luxury” life, I was interested in the whole house intelligent home

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The earth is the cradle of mankind, but man cannot live in the cradle forever.Today is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival.The Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month has always been a traditional Chinese custom. On this day, when thousands of families put up lanterns and decorated lanterns and had a happy family, I couldn’t help thinking of the Chinese space station, where the three astronauts on a business trip have been staying in orbit for four months. The space station is like a “home” for astronauts in outer space.So, how comfortable is the “space home” built by Aerospace Science and Technology Group?How do astronauts live in the sky?Xiaobian take you to reveal it together!Wifi coverage: The development of smart home technology has changed people’s living life, and the “space home” where astronauts live is actually a smart home living space.In addition to “mobile Wi-Fi,” the space station has created a smart home living space.In the Chinese space station, designers have prepared a handheld terminal for each astronaut, who can adjust the lighting environment, sleeping mode, working mode and movement mode…… through the APP according to their personal needsDifferent cabin lights can adjust the astronauts’ mood and avoid the discomfort caused by the monotonous environment for a long time.Based on the design concept of “humanization”, the Chinese space station has separate living areas and working areas.The living area has independent sleeping area, health area, exercise area, and space kitchen and dining area.In the design of the maximum degree of privacy and convenience, greatly improve the quality of life in space astronauts.Sleep zone In space, astronauts can also achieve “sleep freedom”, independent sleep zone can make astronauts more relaxed, enjoy relatively high quality sleep, let them work and life in space more “energetic”.The rest of the astronauts is consistent with the ground, sleep enough for eight hours, do a good astronaut.While astronauts can’t enjoy the same showers and baths as on Earth, they can wipe themselves clean in a “wrapped shower” with an airbrush, which maximizes personal hygiene.In addition, astronauts at the “space home” can also call their family members and “whisper”, sharing their feelings about living in space.Normally, the astronauts wear bone-conduction headphones, and onboard WiFi allows them to talk to each other from various sections of the station, as well as from any position on the ground.After seeing the astronaut “space home”, let me to the whole house intelligent household ignited interest ~ the development of the whole house intelligent household science and technology changed people’s living life, changed people to the infinite imagination of household intelligence, more and more people installed intelligent household.One-click control of lighting and temperature in your home, one-click control of curtains and other equipment…It’s like the astronauts’ space home.Many people’s smart home starts with an intelligent lock, and then step by step, more and more intelligent devices can be installed. Intelligent lock is only the most basic entry level product of intelligent home.Intelligent door locks are more intelligent and convenient than traditional mechanical locks in terms of security and convenience, which greatly improves people’s security.You don’t have to rely on keys to enter the house, and you can open the door remotely through a mobile APP, which is incredibly convenient.Small night light there are old people and children in the night up at night is a worrying thing, get up at night to go to the toilet need not feel dark to find the switch, get out of bed small night light will automatically light up, midnight action super convenient!The biggest advantage of electric curtain electric curtain is its convenient degree, it can liberate completely basically “hand”.When you lie in bed just cover the quilt, when you are sleepy and ready to fall asleep, you suddenly realize that the curtain is not closed, climb up to pull the curtain is a cruel thing.At this point, if there are electric curtains, you only need to press the remote control, or even through voice control, can achieve the purpose of curtain.You’ve had it: You’ve come home from work only to find that the boiling soup has extinguished the gas cooker and the gas is leaking…I’m glad I got home in time!The smart kitchen is equipped with a gas sensor. Once the gas leakage is sensed, it will immediately start the valve closing manipulator, close the gas valve, and open the window with a window push device for immediate ventilation.The success of the Shenzhou 13 space rocket and its docking with the Chinese space station marked a new height in China’s space industry.Intelligentize “the home of space” will push Chinese intelligence to live in market to continue to stride new stage.(The picture in this article comes from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!)