Auchan X7PLUS helps you on your way to dream!

2022-05-05 0 By

It seems that life is always full of countless troubles and fun, exquisite life can only be heard from others.Busy work, dry wallet, infinitely postponed travel plans, but in fact, exquisite is not trying to live like others, but on the road of continuous progress, strive to live as you want to be.Exquisite dreams cannot be stopped.Auchan X7PLUS helps you on your way to dream!On the road, the quietness of the interior space largely determines the quality of the journey.Auchan X7PLUS has 52 integrated NVH shock and noise reduction solutions and a quiet space of 37 dB breathing level at idle speed.It is even equipped with 3-96 mm three-layer silent glass, which can be seen only in luxury cars, so you cannot feel the noise outside the car even when listening to music or watching children’s cartoons on the roaring highway.Everything, an enjoyable driving experience for the whole family.The ride quality is far beyond the same level, soft and comfortable, hold you go further, in addition to spacious and comfortable space, long journey tired, I lean on the seat, 20000 superfine fiber leather perforated and 10-20mm thick than the same level of the car.I reached out and touched the design of the hugging full contact soft bag, at your fingertips.And they’re all comfortable.The auchan X7PLUS ‘breathing’ ergonomic comfort seat also offers you protection when you travel to a long motorcade.Understand your heart, know the warmth of the people, is the real intimate partner.Auchan X7PLUS adopts open OnStyle intelligent networked vehicle system, which has convenient UI interface and rich application software center.