“Dai Ka ultraman” has not been broadcast, there is a net friend to ditch pit?Tsuburaya is copying the Dana case

2022-05-05 0 By

Online has been the legend of “Dai Ka Ultraman”, but until now has not broadcast it, interesting is that there have been a lot of netizens Shouting to abandon the pit, this is how the matter?In fact, this new hero is just Tsuburaya imitating the debacle of Dayna Ultraman.To be honest, it was thought that tsuburaya’s first ultraman project this year would be Ultraman Galaxy Fight Season 3, but it turns out that’s not the case.A production called “Ultraman Hero D” is on the air now, but it is anyone’s guess when it will be released in China.As for “dai Ka Ultraman” this drama, it is estimated that the earliest can be broadcast in the middle of this year, but this drama has not been broadcast, there have been a lot of netizens Shouting to abandon pit, what is the matter?In fact, tsuburaya has given a lot of information about this work, and to be honest, it’s a bit overwhelming.We carefully observe, this new hero image is not very characteristic?In fact, the new generation of Dana is not too strong to describe him.In fact, some netizens sent out a picture, telling us that Dai Na Altman once had an invalid case, from the picture, his image is indeed very similar to Dai Ka Altman, is it possible to say that the new hero Ttoya when designing his image, imitate this invalid case?To be honest, he’s so similar to Dana Altman, you don’t know what to say when you see him.And if nothing goes wrong, there’s a chance Dana Altman will appear in the show, because he’s going to be a guest star, just like Deja Altman did when he came on to help Telika.Of course, there is no problem with Dana. Now the key question is, will Tagutani be crazy enough to let his human body actor Tsuyoshi Tsuruno come out?Originally, the audience hated this man and did not want to see him at all.If Tagutani really wants to go against the world and insist on his appearance, then it is normal for the audience to abandon the pit, I guess few people are willing to continue to watch the drama.In fact, as you can see from the telika Altman, tsuburaya’s current production of these works, nothing new at all, even can be said to be not worth our expectations.We heard that there will be a new Gaia next year, so we won’t talk about it here, but think back to the trailers and posters for tsuburaya’s new series, and frankly, nothing new.Like the new Ultraman, and the mobile Ultraman, and even Ray Gross, there’s always a little bit of the old Ultraman in them, which is basically the same as copying.It is also worth mentioning that the ratings of Tricia Ultraman dropped after the TV series was broadcast, which is not a good thing.Soon there will be a theatrical version of Tricah. Do you think it’s a good one?