Doctors work harder than teachers, but are paid more. Frontline teachers: When you are a teacher, you will understand

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I read an article this morning. The author made a comparison between teachers and doctors, and finally came to a conclusion that both doctors and teachers are the most popular professions today, with the reputation of “iron rice bowl”.Doctors are paid a little more than teachers, but their work is much harder and the pressure is much greater.It is true that doctors are paid more than teachers.However, I do not agree with the statement that doctors are under more pressure and work harder than teachers.First, doctors work much harder than teachers?The article says doctors work harder than teachers.For example, a doctor may rush back to the hospital for an emergency while he is resting.Teachers, on the other hand, work from nine to six, have holidays, and summer and winter vacations. They are really super happy.On the face of it, doctors may not get as many holidays as teachers, but they do get time off, and they get it normally.As for teachers, it seems that they have summer and winter holidays, but apart from the normal holidays, and the time occupied by training meetings, how many days are there really?The 9-to-6 working system does not belong to teachers, especially middle school teachers, the 6-to-9 working system really belongs to teachers.A doctor?A normal eight-hour shift.Talk about taking time off.When the doctor asks for leave, the patient can find another doctor.But the teacher planted the responsible farmland, the responsibility to people, a radish a pit, you leave, who do your work for you.Therefore, front-line teachers are afraid to ask for leave easily, and it is normal to go to school with illness.Therefore, I think that doctors and teachers have their own hard work, and it is not appropriate to say that doctors work much harder than teachers.Second, doctors have a much more stressful job than teachers?’Doctors serve patients, while teachers serve students,’ the article said. ‘Doctors often have “doctor-patient disputes,” which can be very risky and potentially life-threatening. But teachers, on the other hand, face students and parents and have little pressure.'”Doctor-patient dispute” has indeed happened in recent years, but in recent years patients in hospital or do surgery what to sign a relevant agreement, clear doctor-patient responsibility, to avoid the occurrence of “doctor-patient dispute”.For teachers, and students and parents will also occur contradictions and disputes, parents sued the teacher compensation things are not without.When it comes to job stress, teachers are definitely more stressed than doctors.A doctor is a patient. What else does a patient have to do with the doctor?Teachers are different, teaching and performance is the top priority, especially in the achievement of hero environment, students’ results to rank, to evaluate, to reward and punishment, you must go all out, hard work hard work.In addition, things related to students, such as school dropout control, safety education and so on, are all very important and should be attached great importance to.Students in the past, teachers dare to criticize, dare to punish, the teacher criticized the punishment, parents are also strongly support.Now some students, poor grades, bad habits, but teachers are afraid to avoid, dare not tube, dare not discipline, for fear of what contradictions and disputes.Are doctors much more stressful than teachers?Speaking of salary treatment, the hospital has income, the doctor in addition to salary, still have surgery fee overtime fee what, salary must be a few higher than the teacher.The income of the school is only financial allocation, there is no other income, life is tight, teachers have overtime, but they are free service.Now it’s called after-school service, and teachers get after-school service fees, but they still make a lot less than doctors.I do not know what you think about this, what suggestions, welcome to discuss, welcome to leave a message.To learn more, please pay attention to “Three feet platform all the way Sing”!