“Ode to Humanity”, participated in the Reading sharing meeting of “The World” in Wenlan Reading Island

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This afternoon, I went to hangzhou Gongshu District Xiangfu Street culture station to participate in the reading and sharing meeting of Liang Xiaosheng’s novel “The World” held by Wenlan Reading Island.Ms. Lauyue is an excellent reading promoter and cultural volunteer of Zhejiang Provincial Public Library.He is not only the organizer and leader of Wenlan Reading Island, but also the main reader of today’s reading club.Teacher Laoyue said, “The World of Man” (three volumes) is a new novel by the famous writer Liang Xiaosheng.It took several years to complete the 1.15 million words.Because the work to the northern capital cities in the form of the life of a zhou civilians’ children, from the 1970 s to today after the reform and opening up, contains a multi-angle, multi-dimensional and multi-level of the huge change of Chinese society, the people, the ups and downs of life, is a “fifty years Chinese people life”.Also won the 10th MAO Dun Literature Prize, and now CCTV is in the hot broadcast of this adaptation of the same name TV series, the library of this set of books is very popular, zero inventory, only the street culture station library still leave a set, solve the pressing problem.Teacher Lao Yue borrowed the book, with two days a volume speed through the world, he introduced: the world is the main zhou family three generations, the first generation is the parents: Zhou Zhigang, Li Suhua;Second generation: Zhou Bingyi, Hao Dongmei, Zhou Rong, CAI Xiaoguang, Zhou Bingkun, Zheng Juan;The third generation: Zhou Yue, Zhou Nan, Zhou Cong.The first volume is about the 1970s, mainly around The story of Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan.The middle volume is about the 1980s, mainly around Zhou Bingyi, Hao Dongmei story.The next book is about the 2000s, focusing on Zhou Rong and Zhou Yue.Lauyue teacher told everyone that in these three books, there is only one bad luo Shibin, the other are good people.But these good people are not our traditional ideal of flawless perfection. They are human, flawed, emotional, and even despicable.”The World” returns to the origin of life, shaping a group of real and vivid characters.Teacher Lauyue is good at mobilizing the reading group of different classes, different experience of the book friends to publish their thoughts and what they see and hear, but also invited in the past years have similar life experience and read the novel “the World”, or are watching the drama of friends to write experiences, to share guests.There was a great deal of talk.With Liang Xiaosheng in the same year, also with the age of the republic of big brother, speaking of myself to the countryside to jump the queue when the educated youth, because labor actively, and culture to be out when the rural teachers, then replaced by battalion cadres’ children experience, there is a “only the lonely”, others for the introduction of object, and his classmates, peers and teachers, boys and girls don’t contacts in the past,When we fall in love, we become a family.There are just seventy years old this year, the elder sister, she had settled in the typical red “taishan coping don’t bend over” nanpu brigade, firsthand experience of the catastrophic floods, she said that in the countryside to eat bitter is also a wealth of later, other difficulties at all, she also very concerned about “in the” television and love,I feel like I’m acting out the story of the people around me.After reading to share in the meeting, young soul-rending nature, after, have also expressed “in the novel, and after the year of the tiger, the fire broadcast on the television screen, strong feelings of the heart, and with his eyes, his heart to realize the aspirations of ordinary people in today’s society, let oneself more cherish the happy life of today, thanks to our great motherland.