The Fourth People’s Hospital of Xinghua, Jiangsu province held a conference on medical safety and hospital construction

2022-05-05 0 By

In order to further strengthen the medical safety management of hospitals in 2022 and promote the construction of safe hospitals to a new level, the Fourth People’s Hospital of Xinghua held a meeting on medical safety and safety hospital construction on the afternoon of February 15.Psychiatry department Yuan Feng section chief led everybody to learn the common involved medical industry in jiangsu province with the first disposal work boot (test) file spirit, conveys the eight departments, such as national WeiJianWei guidance about safety in the process of order management, at the same time report the hospital medical security situation in 2021, are analyzed in detail in the each quarter of 2021 adverse events report work,And the existing medical risk events were notified.Liu Huafen, the director of the nursing Department, put forward further clear requirements for the safety management of the nursing Department, especially for the management of patients going out for examination and outdoor activities.Wang Junsheng, chief of the Security Department, made a statement on the hospital security work and safety management in 2022.Wu Jinchuan, head of the medical department, laid out the key work of the hospital, stressing the importance of epidemic prevention and control and medical safety. Management and service should go hand in hand to ensure the orderly progress of all work targets in 2022.(Yuan Feng)