Folk tale: the girl was born with two warts in her nose and suffered unbearable. the boy said: this is the god of medicine

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Writing | xia west yong zhen tang dynasty years, in the capital chang ‘an east the city lived a very rich businessman, named wang cloth, about 40 s, its generation in the home, business, accumulate in tens of millions of very prestigious in the local area.Though his family had a large sum of money, Wang Bu was generous and generous. He always regarded money as nothing. If businessmen and tourists came to Chang ‘an and asked for help when their business was not going well, Wang Bu not only treated them as guests of honor, but also presented them with some money before they left.In the long run, Wangbu’s fame spread all over the world.However, it is such a rich person also has difficult to speak to people’s difficulties.Every night, Wang Bu and his wife relative silence, the two sides sit quietly, each secretly tears.Although Wang Bu had no sons, he did have a daughter named Daiyu, a beautiful woman of fourteen or fifteen years of age.Although Wang Bu did not care about money, but his daughter is always available, precious, as the apple of the eye.However, this delightful beauty had been born with a strange disease: in each nostril there was a small lump of flesh, about the size of a honey locust, and at the root there was a thin twine about an inch long, which penetrated into the nose and looked very strange.When his daughter Daiyu was a child, Wang bu sought famous doctors all over the place, but he could not recover after a long time.As she grew older, the bulge in her nose grew, and the touch of it hurt so deeply that she was afraid to step out of her bedroom all day.When Wang Bu saw his daughter suffering, his heart was even more troubled. He spent millions to seek treatment everywhere, but no one could cure him.One day, wang Bufu suddenly came to a foreign monk, born to beg for food.Wang Bu always loved to do good deeds, and when the monks came, they naturally ordered hospitality.But when the monk finished his meal, he refused to leave. Wang Bu did not drive him away, but sat beside him and talked with him about the Dharma.Suddenly, the monk said to him, “I know your daughter has a very strange disease. Can you let me see her? I have a way to cure her.”When Wang Bu heard this, he was overjoyed and saw that The monk was a monk and did not shy away from it. So he called out his daughter Daiyu.The monk looked carefully and then took out a white pill from his backpack, ground it into powder carefully and blew it gently into Daiyu’s nose.Suddenly, Daiyu felt a strange smell coming to her nostrils, and her spirits rose up. Then she lost all feeling in her nose.The monk took the opportunity to remove the fat from her nose and placed it on a white porcelain plate.Strangely, Daiyu did not feel any pain, nor did she bleed. Only a little yellowish liquid flowed out.After a while, Dai Yu’s nose gradually came back to consciousness and she felt better than ever.When Wang Bu saw that his daughter’s disease had been eradicated, he was overjoyed and immediately took out a hundred liang of gold to thank her. But the monk smiled and said, “I am just a monk. I cannot accept your heavy gift.”When Wang Bu saw this, he did not know what to do.The monk then said, “I only hope that you can give me the fat in your daughter’s nose. I don’t know if you can promise me?”When Wang Bu heard this, he was a little surprised. He didn’t know what he wanted with the useless flesh, but he didn’t want to ask any more questions. So he asked his servant to bring the plate and handed it to the monk.The monk was overjoyed. He took out a fist-sized purple and gold gourd from his arms and carefully filled it with the two fat pieces that daiyu had picked from her nose. Then he left the house and quickly disappeared.Seeing this, Wang Bu thought that the monk was an immortal from heaven. He looked at him again and again and bowed to him, thinking that he had saved his daughter’s life.About a cup of tea later, a handsome young man rode up to the gate of Wang Bu’s house on a tall white horse. Dismounted, he knocked open the gate and asked Wang Bu impatiently, “Did a monk come here just now?”Wang bo welcomed him into the courtyard. Not daring to hide anything, he told him what had just happened.The young man listened and stamped his feet and said, “It’s because the horse is weak and late. I actually fell behind the monk and let him take the lead.”Wang Bu was very surprised and did not know what had happened. He repeatedly asked the boy why.The young man was so upset that he said to Wang Bu, “I am the messenger of heaven.Not long ago, two of the gods of medicine came down to earth and disappeared, and it was only recently that I learned that they had hidden themselves in your daughter’s nose, so the God of Heaven sent me to bring them back. But this wicked monk, who somehow knew the secret, came to take them away first.I shall be damned if I have not fulfilled my task!”Wang Bu did not know whether he was telling the truth, and was about to question him carefully, when suddenly a thunderbolt broke out in the clear sky, as if it were exploding overhead.Wang Bu was so frightened that he took several steps back. When he looked up again, he saw that both the white horse and the boy had disappeared, as if they had never been there before.Later, when his daughter Daiyu grew up, Wang found a good husband for her, and nothing strange happened in the family.For more than ten years, in an August 15 night, someone in chang-an mountain and enjoy the occasional heard a strange sound from the woods, he got a nerve to walk past, found that besides the moonlight in the forest, there is a golden toad, facing a constantly worship zijin gourd, looks very strange.When he came to himself again, there was nothing in front of him but the chirping of insects in the woods.The next day the man went back and told the others about the strange thing. Everyone laughed at him, but he believed in what he had seen and did not know what this golden-backed toad really was.Special declaration: Folk stories are the precious cultural essence left to us by our forefathers. They aim at advocating justice and expounding justice. They are not equal to feudal superstition.Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!This article by the wanderer speech original, welcome to pay attention to, take you together long knowledge!