Icbc Binzhou Branch took ten measures to ensure the safety of the Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-06 0 By

In order to further enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and sense of urgency, binzhou branch of icbc and take concrete and effective measures, determined to keep safety, to maintain security and stability, with high level of security support selling high quality development, pays special attention to the full and comprehensive, solid, and in detail during the Spring Festival, and Beijing games security work, firmly “fail-safe” task goals.Take this as the beginning, firm target, highlight the focus, continue to make efforts, do practical and detailed safety prevention work, pay close attention to the follow-up important period of security work.First, strict fire prevention, highlighting the strengthening of old buildings, high-rise buildings, crowded places fire inspection.Ii. Accelerate the special rectification of gas safety, comprehensively investigate and eliminate major hidden dangers such as storage of multiple fuel sources at the same site, use of equipment beyond the life limit, proximity of combustible objects to the hearth, excessive oil stains in the lampblack channel, and installation of gas leak alarm devices.Third, strictly check the illegal parking and charging of electric vehicles, and be highly alert to prevent aging wire fire.Fourth, consolidate and strengthen the improvement of fire lanes and safety evacuation channels, strictly implement the daily and weekly inspection mechanism, to ensure that life safety channels are always unimpeded.5. Strictly implement the regular inspection and inspection of security equipment, strictly supervise the facility suppliers or service providers to ensure the quality of maintenance, and solve the equipment failure or abnormality found or reported in principle within 4 hours.Vi. To ensure the life and safety of personnel in the business premises, the implementation of civil air defense measures such as staff education, security duty, and plan rehearsal shall be emphasized.7. Make good use of the alarm monitoring network platform, strictly manage on duty, ensure timely response and efficient disposal of alarm situation, timely response and disposal of pry and theft damage risk.8. We will continue to strengthen the governance of the “capital chain” of telecom and Internet fraud and cross-border gambling, and promote it in a coordinated manner, with division of labor and cooperation, and with each performing its own duties and responsibilities.9. In view of the recent cases in Beijing, China attaches great importance to the management and prevention of international express delivery points, and strictly prevents imported cases from overseas through delivery channels.10. Strictly implement the closure management of office buildings, immediately report abnormalities and launch joint prevention and control to resolutely block the imported spread of the epidemic.Reporter Yao Xingbin correspondent Wang Xiaofan reports