Kyrie Irving scored 20 points in the last quarter, and Klay Thompson scored 16 points in the last quarter.

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The Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles lakers 117-115 to snap a two-game losing streak, while the Nets defeated the Miami Heat 111-115 on Sunday.In those two games, irving and Thompson, the current no. 2 players on both teams, played well.Thompson finished with 33 points and five rebounds, and was 3-for-4 from 3-point range in the final five minutes.Irving, who had five assists and scored just nine points in the first three quarters, scored 20 points in the final, but was robbed of a game-winning shot by Lowry.Kyrie irving or Klay Thompson, who is the real no. 2 on their respective teams?Michael Owen’s post-match interview today: I don’t feel guilty, I don’t feel guilty.I was the only player who had to deal with it in New York just because I was playing here.If I were anywhere else, I might not be in the same situation.I’m living my life like everyone else.(“There’s no guilt I feel.” Kyrie says about not being able to play. “I don’t feel guilt. I’m living my life like Everything else. “) “……He said he felt no guilt about the team’s many setbacks because of him.The unsolicited trade in Cleveland, the contradictions in Boston, and the mysterious disappearance of last season…Irving may have held on to his beliefs but abandoned his responsibilities as a player.Look at Klay Thompson. He came back from two years of injury, and you can see the professional attitude and drive in him.Because he experienced a major injury, not only did not slow down, back to feel, but also developed his own dribble shooting.You know, he really wants to help the team win.We do not harm other people’s beliefs, after all, such things are purely personal freedom.But I wonder why kyrie, who has the determination to fight the pandemic and stand up for what he believes in, doesn’t have the determination to resign, take a buyout, and take a load off the team?Long march always feeling, praise attention line!