Luohe issued the latest epidemic prevention and control circular, requiring the investigation of these people community by community, village by village

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River to provide video journalist Guang-chao liu Yao Cheng correspondent Wang lili in view of the current domestic epidemic situation complex, especially the recent tianjin and native anyang city found Mr Mick Dijon variants, to do a good job in “outside the input” epidemic on January 11, luohe city COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters office issued notice no. 4 in 2022,Requirements for epidemic prevention and control work.To carry out the investigation and control of key personnel in the streets (towns), communities (villages) and institutions and enterprises, and immediately luozhou river personnel from December 20, 2021, Yuzhou city xuchang City,Since December 24, 2021 (including) The provisional realised river personnel from Tianjin and since December 25, 2021 (including) the Provisional realised river personnel from Anyang city to carry out community-by-community and village-by-village investigation, so as to “not one household, not one person”, resolutely put the investigation and control of people involved in the risk of the epidemic in place, put an end to the flow.Communities (villages) and family members should persuade those who plan to take the initiative to comply with the local epidemic control requirements by suspending provisional provisional metatarsal river levels from Tianjin and Anyang and not accept provisional provisional provisional river levels during the Spring Festival.The traffic of epidemic prevention and control service, strengthening the staff personal protection, strictly implement the “by car upon inspection requirements, from now on, the anyang city and yuzhou city in tianjin to pads vehicles and personnel shall be QuanFan (except emergency supplies and people’s livelihood security vehicles, personnel, special circumstances in the first place to city to epidemic prevention and control command decision).Communities (villages), transportation epidemic prevention and control service stations and relevant units should immediately report any abnormal situation to the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters and deal with it in a standardized manner.All counties and districts (functional areas) have strictly implemented the six simultaneous requirements for the handling of abnormal cases: tracing the source of flow, transport and isolation, regional containment and control, nucleic acid testing for all personnel, material support and press release. Any unit or individual that violates the requirements for handling the epidemic and causes serious consequences such as the import and spread of the epidemic will be held accountable in accordance with regulations and disciplines.In accordance with the arrangements of the municipal headquarters for epidemic prevention and control and the needs of epidemic prevention and control in their respective administrative regions, all counties, districts and functional areas should comprehensively strengthen the reserve of nucleic acid testing forces for all personnel, designate key areas in a scientific way, and carry out multiple rounds of actual drills for nucleic acid testing for all personnel.All residents of the city are requested to take the initiative to familiarize themselves with the relevant requirements of nucleic acid sampling and information input, and actively cooperate according to the requirements of the circular.To carry out environmental cleaning and disinfection, all counties (functional areas), industrial departments, all streets (towns), communities (villages), government organs, enterprises and institutions, and families and individuals should implement the “four-party responsibility”, improve the daily disinfection management system, and carry out daily preventive disinfection scientifically.For outdoor public places and residents’ family environment, cleaning is the main, preventive disinfection is the auxiliary;For closed public places, public transport, farmers’ markets, urban villages and other densely populated places, daily preventive disinfection should be strengthened and standardized, and the frequency of disinfection of high-frequency contact areas and environmental disinfection should be increased.For medical institutions, centralized isolation places and other key places, the prevention and control of hospital infection should be strictly strengthened, disinfection should be strictly done, and cross infection should be strictly prevented.To carry out the patriotic health campaign the streets in the city (town), community (village), departments and enterprises and institutions, agriculture (set) trade market, railway stations, shopping malls supermarkets and other places, and the general residents family immediately mobilize, widely conducting environmental sanitary regulation and environmental cleaning, keep clear of in time pickup rubbish, cleaning up dead Angle, do garbage nissan nissin, pushing DaiZhuangHua they sort the garbage,Work together to create a clean and tidy working and living environment.