Pray for Buddha on the fifth day of the lunar New Year

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Coordinates: Jiulongbi, Bairuquan Scenic Spot, Huaiyuan County, Bengbu City, Anhui ProvinceDragon Wall main gate central axis archway Great Sage Temple Great Sage Zen Temple Vibrant tree Tianwang Dian old temple, now dilapidated Very interesting, closed during the Spring Festival?How did that guy get in there?The original left into the temple near the temple of Heaven and right three wick incense, is I please.Please not as fragrant as Jiuhuashan, there are free incense for donors to use, here must spend money!Bell tower 10 yuan to hear three rings, along the way, Duang, 10 yuan to hand!Guanyin Temple Thousand hands Guanyin Bodhisattva Temple I don’t know where who knows this meaning?Turrets shooting Ursa major step, should be the third layer Ursa there is a stone carving miniature temple, incense top should be the next to the old temple is a Taoist temple dongshan mountain across the white milk springs old world seven springs door white milk springs is known as the day of the first seven springs double spring white milk springs Su Shizhi evaluation think strange, su shi had run here!The ancients honestly don’t cheat me!White milk spring inscription: Guo Moruo has a history!Tang Zhenguan years, cattle white milk spring side of an ancient tree white milk spring with Lu Zu Temple did not want to understand, the right Buddha Guyin, the left eight immemorial across the sea, should be Taoism, it can be said: Buddha and Road separated?For Lv Dongbin, the donor for Taiwan Tainan Huaiyuan pomegranate, Huaiyuan specialty, Anhui Bengbu specialty, always tree age is hundreds of years, strong!Panorama road map white Milk Spring explain the old entrance of white milk Spring!The trip takes about one hour. Except for Bairuquan, which is a historical place of interest, the whole monastery is completely new construction. The government has also made great efforts to build bengbu tourism and cultural circle.