The time is fixed!IPhone SE3 further confirms that Cook is finally serious this time

2022-05-06 0 By

The big news for the iPhone SE3 is that, according to Mark Gurman, Apple’s spring event date has been officially set: March 8.The iPhone SE3 and iPad Air5 will be released and iOS15.4 will be updated.Of course, apple fans are most interested in the product, is known for its affordable iPhone SE3.Don’t think that the iPhone SE series is not bought by anyone. In the absence of press release and promotion, the sales volume of iPhone SE2 in a quarter is as high as ten million levels — which may be more than the annual sales volume of Xiaomi 11 series.According to analysts’ estimates, the biggest value of the iPhone SE3 is in attracting Android users to switch phones, which could reach as many as 1 billion users.Apple’s hardware business is close to the top, and it has to take a bite out of Android manufacturers.Now that all the details of the iPhone SE3 have been finalized, cook is finally getting serious about what is destined to be a flagship product to attack the Android camp.The design of iPhone SE3 has not changed. It is also 4.7-inch +TOUCH ID+ single card. The appearance of iPhone 8 is copied.Then again, the iPhone SE’s mission is to clear inventory while attracting Android users.Longtime apple fans shouldn’t hold their breath. The SE is unlikely to replace Apple’s regular digital flagships.First is the price. According to industry chain news, the lowest price of iPhone SE3 may be reduced to about $300, equivalent to a 25% reduction.According to common sense, the price of iPhone SE3 in China is unlikely to fall to 1,999 yuan, but it is highly likely to fall to 2,500 yuan.After all, Apple has been slow to introduce a full-screen design, so a price cut is warranted.Second, in terms of performance, the iPhone SE3 will have the same chip used in the iPhone 13 — the A15 — and support for 5G networks.Surprisingly, the iPhone SE3 starts with 4GB of ram, 1GB more than the iPhone SE2, and is guaranteed to run smoothly for at least three years.The only doubt is whether the storage will be upgraded to 128GB, which I personally don’t think it will be.The third aspect is charging. Due to the small body size, the heat dissipation efficiency is naturally weak. Although iPhone SE3 supports PD charging, the charging power is only 15W.The source also noted that the iPhone SE3 does not support Magsafe wireless charging, instead sticking to the standard wireless charging technology.To experience magnetic charging, you have to bite the bullet and buy an iPhone 12 or 13.You might be thinking: Basically, the iPhone SE3 is an A15 chip, and everything else is a routine upgrade.Needless to say, most people’s ideal iPhone SE3 is an iPhone 11 with an A15 chip — it doesn’t matter if the camera is single, but the price is reduced to 3K.But to be honest, it’s impossible.Apple will not allow iPhone SE3 to affect the sales of mainstream iPhone, and it is impossible for any company to reduce its own profits to help consumers.Maybe we’ll see a full-screen iPhone SE when the iPhone 11 is completely taken off the shelves and a 120HZ high brush is common on all major iphones.That’s all for iPhone SE3. Are you interested in this phone?Welcome to share your opinion.